Is the New Reddit Mobile Amino?

Is the New Reddit Mobile Amino?

March 9, 2017 Electronics 0

The Web community reddit offers every user a platform to create an own network community a so-called sub-reddit on every imaginable subject. Here you can films, series, games, hobbies or what ever discuss, giving tips and tricks to each other or to upset only together about things. Exactly this principle has now also the new application amino apps, which, as the name suggests, is available only for mobile devices.

New approach to amino

Not only the only mobile use stands amino apps from reddit. Live chat within the communities, carefully maintained databases for all possible movies, series or games and the ability to follow other users, different amino from reddit. But the target audience is different: especially the 16-24 year olds are the most loyal users of the platform.

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Amino apps: there is something for everyone

Originally launched 2013 as single amino-mini-apps on all possible topics, United developers amino apps now to a platform from which users can control the individual subgroups. Broad groups such as anime or horror to special groups as doctor is who or Pokémon GO everything represented by: A place for geeks and nerds so. The idea of the creator around amino Chief Ben Anderson was to create a platform where users can find like-minded people: we saw a world where Facebook you for your friends, linkedin for your professional network and amino, get to know people, are so Anderson to techcrunch as you. A community had 40,000 users according to Anderson in the cut. As a whole should be gathered in the nearly 90 communities, shared by amino, between three and four million users.

Download: download amino apps for Android
download: download amino apps for ios

Users can create even hand

Users with a developer application for Android or ios but also even communities can create recently. That, explains Anderson compared online magazine Fortune, was also for the developers of the app easier. Because when she even managed the communities, they had to research on subjects of which they had no idea. Also arise at the same time so very much more groups: round 10,000 new communities have users since opening up to outside developers probably already launched. Currently, the developer communities are still voluntary, that should soon change. The developers of successful communities for their troubles to are paid like also at youtube. It is unclear exactly what,.

In any case, the platform offers a huge range of topics where everyone can discuss hard very hot is currently of course Pokémon GO. Who is missing a community on a particular issue, which created very simply even a community. How the network so trendy at teens further developed and how users can take their own creative freedom by other users, which will show the future.

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