iPhone 6-Camera Feature In The Samsung Galaxy Touch 4?

An optical image stabilizer in the Galaxy touch 4? According to rumors the new Phablet from Samsung could be equipped just like the large version of the next iPhone 6 this feature. Previously, it had said that the Galaxy should receive the same camera as the Galaxy S5 note 4.

The rumors around the future flagship model from Samsung turn the camera properties in more – so far has assumed that the camera of the Galaxy could resolve to note 4 with 20 MP. New assumptions indicate that the main camera will – resolve note 4 with 12 MP in the Galaxy and in addition an optical image stabilizer GforGames gets, as it might be in the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 reported. As a result, the front camera shall resolve MP with 3.7.

Depth Of The Smartphone As A Cause?

So far, an optical image stabilizer primarily as a feature of the Apple had been iPhone 6 in conversation. However, according to pauldigo, there were already rumors that note 4 had seen this feature along with the 20 MP camera in the Galaxy in April. According to the rumors the 20 could be MP camera but instead in the Samsung Galaxy S6 used, that next year will be.

Apparently the 12 produced MP camera touch 4 already for the Samsung Galaxy – at a factory in Tianjin, where up to one million copies per month can be produced. With little effort the factory should even up to three million cameras per month can – deliver enough for the five million Galaxy note 4, which would provide Samsung to market launch.