If You Book a Pixel or Pixel XL, Google Tea Will Give The VR Goggles Daydream View

Virtual reality is fashionable and Google did not want to miss the party, preparing for the 2016 I/O presentation of Daydream, your Platform for virtual reality based on Android smartphones It would receive VR glasses compatible and quality directly developed by Google, and ready for his coming-out year.

However, we all know that developers see attractive a platform in order to provide it with content, the penetration of devices must be wide, so Google would not only settle for throwing his glasses on November 10 in certain markets at a price of 79 dollars, but each user who pre-compre on Google Store a Pixel or Pixel XL you will receive a free Daydream View.

As well, some users who had reserved their Pixel smartphones have been reporting in recent hours that Google has already made them get your gift code to redeem on Google Play a Daydream View at zero cost.

This code has reached them all by email, accompanied with the relevant instructions to get the precious VR Viewer, although obviously this promotion is only valid for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL purchased through Google Store in countries where such terminals are already available.

The process is performed in a very simple, with a simple click on the “Redeem now” button that will show us the relevant page to buy the Daydream View, for the time being only in its standard version of grey. There is no cost for shipping, and the estimated time for delivery is marked around 10 days.

A motion very similar to the Samsung with their VR Gear, glasses that use the platform and the content of Oculus and which have remained as a gift every Galaxy S7 with S7 Edge since its reserves. ES logical and necessary to create a user base that allow you to collect information on operation and needs, although this should invest a little to allow penetration of devices.

Staggered release of the Pixel and Daydream

Remember that Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, as well as goggles Daydream View, are only available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom, leaving the air dates that will be arriving the devices to other markets.

In Spain and Latin America is more than likely that we will not see them until well into 2017, so for the moment you arm yourself with patience as the ‘early birds’ begin to try all the innovations of the new smartphones Google and its Android platform VR.

At least, Yes is expected to keep Google promotion and give the Daydream View during the period of reservations in all markets in which Pixel smartphones are launching.