Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design, Does Sense for The Luxury Market?

Huawei presented yesterday its new top of range, Huawei Matt 9, a very pointer phablet with which the Chinese brand aims to attack, one more year, the throne of Samsung. Almost everything was filtered, but there has been a surprise: there are a special iteration of this terminal called “Porsche edition”.

With this special edition Huawei makes three fundamental changes: first, the screen is more compact and stays in the 5.5 inch (QHD) against the 5.9 (FullHD) Matt 9 normal. Second, extensive specifications: 6 GB RAM to 4 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage to 64 GB of storage. And third, endorsed by Porsche Design with curved screen.

The segment to which attacks this terminal is clearly the luxury. Not only for taking the Porsche brand and adjust something specifications but for the price: Euro 1.395, something never seen on a mobile phone. Does it makes sense get a luxury terminal as that Huawei has presented?

Apple tried it

To see if this makes sense the best way is to look at what other manufacturers have done. And the manufacturer of “luxury” par excellence is Apple, which has no input terminals. Apple always has had high prices, but decided to go for when it presented its range of Apple Watch watches.

Apple Watch Edition

In the initial presentation of the clocks had called Apple Watch Edition models that could cost up to 18,000 euros. And isn’t that has no market for this type of products in the sector of the clocks there are even more expensive.

How were the sales figures of these watches by Apple? Officially there is no data, Apple still has not given them and would probably be very interesting to know it. But when this year Apple renewed range of watches, the Edition had disappeared. It doesn’t seem that they have worked, and we are talking about Apple.

If Apple has not worked it, which is a company used to sell expensive products, true luxury, truth is it to Huawei, which is beginning to stand out as a manufacturer? See it complicated, the truth. But there is also competition. And very hard.

The luxury market is to other things

What terminal people who want a luxurious, exclusive terminal buy? Really gives same, the important thing is that there are companies that are dedicated to the customization of the terminals.

iPhone “customized” with 24 carat gold

Basically there are companies that they are responsible for removing the covers to the terminals and replace them with other materials. There are many options: Gold 18 k, 24 k gold, platinio or even other types of finishes Matt. Normally these changes are made to the iPhone (no one purchase a terminal of 200 euros to ask this) and actually there are very specialized in doing business. You accept to send them the terminal to do it or even sell it yourself already with these special coverage. Also for Apple Watch, eye.

Prices for these terminals vary greatly in finishing but actually can go to 1,400 euros proposed by Huawei or even quite more. But they are exclusive, with designs very niche and even as. What offers Huawei is luxury half, a high price and little else.

Honestly I don’t have much pull, even though Porsche has collaborated in the design. Apple tried and did not work and there is a parallel market that works. For me this terminal makes sense and less that do not attempt to popularize the curves on the screen (something so far that distinguishes Samsung) with more affordable prices.

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