Guide: How to Tracker You Pokémon after Update

The new update for Pokémon GO has made it harder to track the Pokémon, but a new app helps us now with the problem, but only on Android so far.

Update: the app was not allowed to live for a long time and has now also been shut down. Of course we are trying all the time to keep us updated, if there should be other options, but right now it looks as if, Niantic believes it quite seriously. Finally, throw a comment, if you should encounter other solutions.

Have you been affected by the Pokémon GO-fever, then you’re probably also encountered the new update that has improved a number of areas of the game, but as in the degree also has brought much criticism.

Since the beginning of the game have the so-called footprint, which was to show how far away the various Pokémon found himself, not worked optimally. It has now gotten Niantic to completely remove spacer rating, so it is now almost impossible to find Pokémon close to you.

But it is not the whole thing. Before the update, you could as with various third-party apps and websites, such as URf.eks. the popular Pokevision, track and find Pokémon nearby, but it is no longer possible after the update.

We have, however, via XDA Developers found another way in which you can track the Pokémon in the vicinity, and it works surprisingly well. The app is right now in a beta version and unfortunately only for Android, but here comes a guide to how you can use the app Smart Poké 2 to find the site of Pokémon in your area.

How to get Smart Poké 2 to work on Android

Well, then you would like to have a little help to find and catch more Pokémon-it can Smart Poké 2 clear.The app works by showing the location of recently spawnede Pokémon nearby along with the time you have to catch it in, the distance to the in meters, as well as how rare that type is.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Download Smart Poké 2 in Google Play Store
  2. If you use your Google account to play Pokémon GO, you must first and foremost create a Pokémon Trainer Club account on this page, where you must enter your date of birth, email, and create a user name with password. (If you are already using a PTC-I would still recommend you to create a secondary for this app)
  3. Now you can open up and only 2 Poké Chic you must accept the information app sticks in their head at you with its conditions, and that it is a beta version.
  4. Then you have to log in with your newly created PTC account, but fear not, it has nothing to do with your already created Pokémon GO-account to do. (Of course, you retain your user in the game, and only use this new PTC account to find Pokémon in Smart Poké 2, while Pokémon GO-app running at the side through your normal account.)
  5. Now you have one account to find Pokémon and one account, so your normal, to play Pokémon GO with.

How it works the app

We have of course tested the app, and it actually works surprisingly well. In the same app we opened up, we got an overview of Pokémon in the vicinity, but since the menu mainly stood on the Pidgeys and Rattatas, we let the app run a little longer before we went on the hunt.

After about 15 mins however, showed an interesting pokémon up. On the map, we could see that a Tentacruel appeared about 200 meters from the Office, which is placed in the category of “unusual” and we got a good 12 minutes to capture it.


We went to the location you specified, and continuously talked Smart Poké 2 down in the number of meters, as we approached it.

Well 40 meters before we reached it, popped it up in Pokémon GO-game, and as promised we could now try to capture Tentacruel’en, and succeeded, as seen on the pictures, to catch it.

More tips

  • You can in Smart Poké 2 ‘s settings set up notifications so that you will be alerted if a rare pokémon show up near you. This means, however, that your phone doesn’t hold power for so long, but if you do find yourself in a place where it can just lie and leave, so it seems like a very good feature.
  • You can filter which Pokémon you want and do not want to see on the map in the menu “Filter” in the side of the program, and thus get to look at several Pidgeys, Weedles, etc.
  • You can go to another place on the map, where you don’t just find yourself right now, and hold with your finger to the scanner in the area. Here I found, among other things. a Squirtle at Christiansborg Castle.
  • UPDATE: Until now the app has, inter alia, helped to capture Pikachu, Beedrill, Goldduck, Hypno, and Jynx

How long the app is allowed to live is not to say, however, if you URf.eks. was real user of Pokévision or just interested in catching more and more rare Pokémon, yes then you will for sure be glad Smart Poké 2.

What do you think of this app, and do you plan to try it? Or do you know maybe other programs that work better or differently? Write a comment below the article.