Google Launches ‘Play to Translate’: Performs Translations from Any Application

Google Launches ‘Play to Translate’: Performs Translations from Any Application

May 30, 2017 Electronics 0

If you are already the Google Translator It was the best application to translate texts, conversations and images, it is now even better thanks to new functionality ‘ Tap to Translate’ or ‘Click to translate’ that Google has just introduced with the new version of its translator.

The new version Google Translator includes the functionality Tap to Translate that allows us to perform translations without having to exit the application that we are using. Thanks to this function, we can translate the texts that we can copy applications, like WhatsApp messages.

Touch to translate

To enjoy from Touch to translate the first thing we need to do is to update the Google Translator to your new version 5.0. Once updated the application we have to activate the option, either from the notice from the main view, or from the application settings: Settings > touch to translate > enable touch to translate and we activate accepting permits requesting us.

Once activated Touch to translate Now you only have to open any application, select a text and give copy. Autorun is a the translator of Google bubble pressing it will make us a translation to the language you want, with the option of making a new translation by hand writing the text to copy and paste it. Touch to translate works in the 103 languages in Google Translate.

Languages without connection to 90% lighter

With the new version of the Google Translator Download of languages to be able tradir offline no longer takes so much space in our device storage, the offline packages have reduced in size by 90%, now each language occupies a 25 MB.

It uses the camera to translate images from Chinese

Finally, the instant translation of images of the Google Translator now allows us to use our camera to translate the texts in Chinese.