Google Confirms That The Speed of Loading of The XL Pixel Is Greater Than The Pixel

Google Confirms That The Speed of Loading of The XL Pixel Is Greater Than The Pixel

April 5, 2017 Electronics 0

The Google Pixel went on sale just a few days and they are still under thorough scrutiny, common in products that arouse so much expectation. First we told you about that Flash in an arc that appeared in some photos and then came some complaints about alleged problems with the Bluetooth in the car, although in this case it might be a failure of Android 7.1 and not devices.

Now the Pixel back in the eye of the hurricane by the speed of your battery charge. Although Google announced on its official website that both models had a load of 18W, a known tester has noticed that this only applies to the XL Pixel, while normal Pixel only reaches peaks of 15W. Google has rectified his mistake, but it has not escaped criticism for having publicized misreporting. What are the consequences of this difference?

Google fixes the bug, but it does not explain the reasons

The discovery of this alleged error has been in charge of the known tester of the Android Nathan K community. After done with a Google Pixel, this user made several load tests that concluded what we commented before: Google Pixel allows the load to 15W while the 18W are reserved for the larger model.

Until just a few hours, specification of the Google Pixel page described the charge with a “charging 18W” section without making any distinction between the two existing models. However, after the discovery of Nathan K. and the subsequent discussion between other users, they have rectified the mistake and now shows as shown in the image below.

Android Police has contacted Google to know more and the company has admitted that it is a bug in the marketing materials. However, they have not offered details about the reason of having limited the smallest model load.

Why this difference?

According to Nathan K., the decision to have reduced the voltage could have to do with a question of temperature, but does not have a significant impact on the load of the device.

We are talking of a difference of only 3W and coupled with the fact that Pixel XL battery has one greater capacity (2.770 vs 3.450 mAh), in practice the large model would take longer to load. In addition, should take into account that it is load peaks, i.e., that it is not all the time loading 18W, above all when it nears 100%.

However, although it is a very small difference and Google has admitted the error as soon as noted, has not have spared that some users have accused them of lying in its latest devices specification sheet. Has it been a simple error or a deliberate omission? Do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments section.