Google Calendar Tea Lets You Add Your Goals to Find The Best Time of Day to Perform Them

Do you never find time for exercise, read, learn a language, or play an instrument? Therefore have no more excuses with the new version of the application of Google Calendar for Android.

The Google Calendar now lets you Add your goals to remove this time for what matters most to you and you think that you don’t have. Google will be in charge of organizing our week so we can complete our events and goals.

The goals of Google Calendar

Create a goal It is very simple. Just have to click on the button “+” red and select “Goal”. Google Calendar allows you to choose between a variety of types of goal and create our own.

Once selected a goal already so we only need say How often, for how long and at what time of the day We prefer to make our goal.

Google Calendar automatically seek the best time of the day and week to make each one of our goals. It will look for the free time we have in our free event calendar.

Defer goals

If we add an event or a new target that coincides with a current goal Google Calendar will organize our goals so that we don’t have two overlapping events, our goal it automatically postponed for another day.

Google Calendar with your Intelligent notifications you will warn us before and after our session to help us prepare ourselves and to track. If we see that we can do our goal then we can postpone the goal.

Mark as completed

If we made our goal as we only will have mark it as completed either from its notification or from the own goal. Google Calendar so you will learn when are the best times to enforce our goals.