Google Allo and Duo Van to Fail and All Know Why

Google returns to the fray with Instant Messaging. On this occasion has taken advantage of the Google I/o 2016 to present their new applications for this purpose, Allo, and Duo, with some very interesting features that many are eager to try.

However, let’s not kid ourselves, they will fail again. Regardless of that will be able to create the best messaging application in Android or even in all mobile and non-mobile platforms I see unreal that they manage to break the market as things stand.

When Google had the market and lost it

When Google launched Talk, back in August of 2005, many saw complicated that it broke the hegemony of Microsoft MSN. And however he succeeded. He used a brilliant strategy: grouped on the same website that Gmail Messaging. The tendency to which the services were web was still a novelty and Google became the first.

Therefore we think that it is possible to break the market and that Allo and Duo have a chance. But I don’t think so. Google came to break a paradigm, the change of having to download an application to simply have a web open chat. And that instead he managed to wrest the throne to MSN.

With the change to the mobile world, Google was well-positioned. When it launched Android and this operating system was imposed it had everything going for her: on each phone sold was preinstalled application of Talk. However it did not materialize, arrived WhatsApp and company running simply with the mobile number. The instant messaging market slipped her hands…

Mature market

Google, since then, it has tried everything. Changed Talk by Hangouts and added a very interesting functionality, the so-called video, which also works very well. Its features are good: synchronization in the cloud, stickers, groups, voice calls, video calls… and over comes pre-installed on all Android.

Indeed, at one point joined SMS within Hangouts to force users to open the application and or by those proved unable to shadow the rest of services that were already imposed.

The market is ripe and unless there is a change of paradigm (as desktop application to web application or web to mobile) does not look that is easy to break the hegemonies that there is in force.

The best proof of this is that the leader of the market, WhatsApp, has spectacular features. Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Line or Hangouts give thousand turns. But you have users, one sufficient critical mass to make the pace of development that are enough to keep in the top.

Allo and Duo, failure to guarantee

Therefore many interesting features that have Allo and Duo, very cool that is using it, however much that come installed serial all the Android and even attempting to open the application see it impossible.

Allo and Duo will be added to the list of failures of Google, and we know who lately have no mercy with projects which do not work. I do not deny that I’ll try and sure love to regular readers of Xataka Android, but it is not enough.