Google Allo and Duo: New Applications of Smart Messaging and Video Calls

Google Allo and Duo: New Applications of Smart Messaging and Video Calls

May 26, 2017 Electronics 0

Allo and Duo they are two new applications of Google to send messages and make video calls that arrive during this summer our mobile devices.

As we can see, Google is not exhausted by and with Allo and Duo you want to stand up to WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and other messaging applications, but to do this they have to set aside to Hangouts.

Google Allo

Google Allo is the smarter messaging application that I have seen to date, integrated with the new Google Assistant. Allo for each message or photo you can suggest us quick answers so that we may write the least. Also at any time can call the Google Wizard to perform queries, how to get the address of a site to share in the conversation, see the results of our team of football, etc… We can chat directly with Google Assistant using a natural language to get answers to our questions. Allo is integrated with Search, Maps, YouTube, and translator. The boot of Google will allow us to play games like guess movies using emojis.

Allo It is very complete, it allows conversations in group, share images, emojis, stickers, resize our message, paint pictures and much more. All with greater security, encrypted from end to end. It has incognito mode for chat.

Google Duo

Google Duo It is presented as the Allo companion application, which will allow us to make video calls with our contacts. Its main novelty is that while we called already we will see a preview of the video call.

Another important fact of Allo and Duo is that both applications are based on our mobile phone number to operate. Don’t you need to have Google account, it will be like in WhatsApp, plunders the contacts of our agenda.