Get Notifications When UV-Index Becomes Too High [TIP]

Get Notifications When UV-Index Becomes Too High [TIP]

October 13, 2016 Computer 0

With UV index app will help you to protect yourself from the Sun’s dangerous rays

There is nothing that can ruin a vacation as a thorough sunburn. When heat waves, warmer and Danish Meteorological Institute at the omens of particular carcinogenic days in Denmark, giving it good reason to guard against the Sun’s warming, but dangerous rays.

And it is of course an app that can help you. Now you can avoid or protect yourself and your loved ones against the Sun in its most dangerous hours.

The Danish Cancer Society has in cooperation with the National Board of health and the environmental protection agency developed the app UV index, which makes it easier for you to keep an eye on the UV index, and when there is a need for protection in the form of solcrème or extra clothing and Sun hat.

The UV index is a measure of the intensity of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation and thus when you need to be careful in the Sun. It is not the temperature, which determines whether the Sun is burning-man can also become sunburned, even if it is cloudy.

With app on Board on the cell phone kept you updated on conditions where you are, and you get a quick overview of the index at the same time course of the day, both in the cloud shadow or in full sunshine.

The app also includes a forecast feature, so you can plan exactly where its own solcrème to be carried on future beach trips or vacations.

In order to interpret the UV index values embody the app an easily understandable scale with advice and guidance to individual UV values.