Enrique Palacios, The New Face of The Armani Colezzioni for The Season Spring 2013

Enrique Palacios It has been chosen to put a face to the new Armani collection for the season Spring-summer 2013. A collection that mainly based all his technique and style in a color palette of blue and shadow grey (identity and sign of the firm) with reconstructed silhouettes and a fixing by the obtaining only occasionally are interrupted by touches of Yellow lemon, cream or magenta. Whatever it is, it exudes elegance by each one Couture.

The obtaining are without a doubt one of the most important trends of the season as opposed to the color block. Armani includes them in his repertoire in a more personal way, giving free rein to colour ranges of blue, gray, white and very Spring Green with profiled silhouettes and giving special importance to add-ins.

Bet occasionally by live and electric tones as the reds and the Fuchsia or yellow lemon meringues that the give the note of color to the collection. Costumes of two-pieces, fitted blazer, pants herringbone and a footwear collection in keeping with the rest of the items in the collection.

Special attention to the leather Aviator style jackets, the Saharan of linen for the hottest months and the collection of scarves and handkerchiefs, which become indispensable element in the look for give you a toke Italian and elegant to the final result.