Emoji Flash: Note This App Collects Your Passwords!

Now which is available already in advance celebrated Disney app Emoji Flash in the app store and Google play. This Disney Emojis is a three match, which according to the app description of Micky Maus, Donald Duck, Arielle & co. Free to play. Who to send whatsapp icons & co. Has been looking forward, has however bad cards. Because instead of playing freely Emojis, to get in the game only small images that only separately similar stand like Facebook sticker from the text. You have almost made it to safety newsletter! Instantly informed of patches

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that but in the app store looks quite different: on the promotional images of Emoji Flash shows Disney Pictures by Emojis are integrated directly into the chat. And download pictures on your mobile phone and send it via MMS, you can already for years… Then quickly hidden costs come to the anger over the false promise: because the Smartphone the supposed Emojis converts to JPG files. Costs to send these pictures, via whatsapp & co. Only for data volume. Sent by SMS, the phone model to however the Emoji in an MMS for you in the common tariffs to pay 39 cents apiece.

Warning: data security at risk!

Next to loggerhead Emojis and hidden costs, the security of your data is not guaranteed when using the Emoji because: to use the images, you must in the settings a special keyboard (Emoji Flash keyboard) enable. Do so, a warning message appears: thus the app developer may collects all entered texts including passwords, bank accounts and private messages. Even if it is a standard warning, concerns about the security of the own data remain.

As a mobile game quite well

As pure mobile game à la candy crush is the app, however, quite useful. You not reinventing the wheel though, but the animations are quite nice to look at. Queries also no permissions the app itself, thus must have no fear to your data at least at the games.

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