Definitions of Stopwatch

Definitions of Stopwatch

In the Greek. It is in this language that the etymological origin of the word that we now want to analyze in depth is found: chronometer. And it is that it is made up of two Greek components:

  • “Chronos”, which was the name of the Greek god of time.
  • “Metron”, which can be translated as “measure”.

A stopwatch is a precision watch used to measure very small fractions of time. Unlike conventional watches used to measure the minutes and hours of everyday time, stopwatches are often used in sports competitions and industry to keep track of shorter fractions of time, such as thousandths of a second.

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For example: “When the Jamaican looked at the stopwatch, he smiled: he had set a new world record”, “I like to go jogging with a stopwatch to try to improve each of my marks”, “In our factory stopwatches are essential, since that if we delay a second we can lose thousands of dollars”.

In addition to sports events, it is also necessary to use the stopwatch in other cases. Thus, for example, it is common for it to be used in certain board games that require participants to have a limited time to perform a function or even by the judges of the Guinness Record Books, in various cases.

All this without forgetting that they are also within the marine field. In this case, we would have to talk about the so-called marine chronometers that are identified because they are found on ships, because they have extreme precision and because they have the function of carrying out a fundamental mission: determining the time with total accuracy. And it is only in this way that it will be possible to calculate what the exact geographical position of the vessel in question would be.

Typically, the stopwatch starts when the user presses a button. The mechanism, in this way, starts counting from zero. When this button is pressed again, the stopwatch stops, accurately showing the elapsed time.

Most stopwatches allow you to measure various periods of time with the same beginning but different endings. This allows successive times to be recorded, while the first measured time is still recorded in the background.

The most advanced stopwatches start and stop with some automatic mechanism, without a person having to press a button. Different types of sensors allow you to start and finish taking the time with an accuracy impossible to achieve if it were recorded manually. An example of a highly accurate stopwatch that works with sensors is the one used in athletics events.

With the advances in technology we have to make it clear that much has evolved within the chronometer sector. Thus, these have not only been perfected but have also seen how online models appeared on the Internet. Without forgetting either that now all smartphones also incorporate their own.


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