Definitions of Skin Disease

Definitions of Skin Disease

In order to know the etymological origin of the term cutaneous that concerns us now, we will have to “go” to Latin. And it is that it derives from the Latin word “cutis”, which was used to refer to the skin of both people and even fruit.

Cutaneous is an adjective that refers to what belongs to or is related to the skin. This term ( cutis ), meanwhile, refers to the skin that covers a person ‘s body, especially that found on the face.

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It must be emphasized that it is medically important to know the existence of what is called a skin rash, also known as dermatitis. Basically it comes to be an inflammation of the skin, which appears with a different color or with a different texture, and can be fundamentally of two types:

  • Seborrheic, which is shown by redness or flaking and can appear as a result of stress, having oily skin or being subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • Contact. This skin rash occurs because the skin has touched certain elements such as chemicals, ivy, latex or even soaps.

Also keep in mind that there are various diseases that also generate the appearance of such a rash. Among those would be rheumatoid arthritis or the so-called lupus erythematosus.

For example: “My son has a skin rash”, “Skin problems are common in this part of the country due to the agrochemicals in the crops”, “The criminal tried to attack her with acid, but only caused a superficial wound in the area cutaneous”.

Skin disorders can be caused by various internal or external causes. Diet and the introduction of toxins into the body (through habits such as smoking) can cause skin problems, as can excessive exposure to sunlight.

It is known as a skin disease or dermatosis, therefore, a skin disease. Being a border organ between the interior and exterior of the body, the skin is subject to various influences that can damage it. Skin diseases are treated by a dermatologist.

A common symptom of a skin disease is efflorescence on the skin, such as spots, nodules, pustules, scabs or others. A bacterial infection, a virus, or stress can cause these efflorescences.

Skin cancer is part of the group of skin diseases. This cancer is more common in people with very fair skin and is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which generate a mutation in the cells’ DNA . Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma are types of skin cancer.

In addition to all this, we would have to say that there is also what is known as skin respiration. This is the breathing carried out by amphibians and which, as its name suggests, is characterized by the fact that it is carried out through the skin. Specifically, examples of animals that perform it in this way are frogs, earthworms, toads or jellyfish, among others.

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