Definitions of Deck

Definitions of Deck

The term deck is not part of the dictionary prepared by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The notion, however, is usually used in our language to refer to a wooden structure that is installed outdoors as a terrace.

The deck is a wooden framework that rests on the ground. In general, various elements can be installed on it, such as benches or pergolas. In this way, the deck allows a better use of open spaces such as gardens or parks.

Depending on the intention of each one, the deck can be built directly on the ground or elevated. In the second case, you must include railings or security bars to minimize the possibility of accidents.

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In the garden of a house, for example, it is possible to install a deck on the lawn and place chairs, a table and a pergola on it. Thus, the inhabitants of the house will have the possibility of staying outdoors, but protected from the sun and rain and on a firm wooden surface.

This type of terrace can be manufactured in both natural wood and artificial wood made from recycled plastic materials. If we want to install a deck in our garden, we will need certain very specific elements and products, although there are several options on the market. For example, we can use concrete footings to anchor a series of wooden, aluminum or steel pillars to the ground, which serve to support a slab of any of the three materials just mentioned, which is anchored to them. On top of the slab, the wooden platform must be located, which can be natural or plastic.

As pointed out in a previous paragraph, there are decks with different characteristics, and not all of them are installed to act as a base, but some are also habitable under their own structure. As with any other element that is both functional and decorative, it is possible to let your imagination run wild to come up with all kinds of designs and combinations of materials and accessories; For example, we can add lattices and benches, as well as pergolas, to create environments that allow you to enjoy the outdoors in hot weather without interrupting activities that are usually done inside the house, such as reading or writing.

It is important to note that the deck has several advantages over a traditional terrace, built with construction materials. First of all, its installation is much faster and cleaner, since it requires fewer steps, it is generally not necessary to wait a while before using it and it does not litter the garden with dust or other residues that threaten the health of the soil and plants.

As if this were not enough, the material used for the structure (that is, natural or plastic wood) is sufficient for the aesthetic finish of the terrace, which avoids the application of other elements, such as paints, drains and waterproofing, typical of constructions based on bricks and cement. Lastly, if we want to remove a deck and reclaim the space for another use, the disruption is minimal compared to that required to remove a concrete floor.

Deck, on the other hand, is the surname of a well-known básquetbol ( basketball ) player from Argentina : Gabriel Deck. Born on February 8, 1995 in the province of Santiago del Estero, he plays in the forward position, stands out for his athletic ability and has joined the Argentine national team in several tournaments, such as the 2015 FIBA ​​Americas Championship and the Olympic Games in 2016.

It should be noted that Joaquín Deck, brother of Gabriel (who is nicknamed “Tortuga” or “Tortu” ) is also a professional basketball player..


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