Definitions of Crackling

Definitions of Crackling

The Latin word crepitāre derived in the French crépiter, which came to our language as crackle. The verb “crepitare” we have to expose that can be translated as “creaking”, “sizzling” and even “producing a sound that is dry”.

It is a verb that alludes to the generation of dry, short and repetitive sounds.

For example: “The crackling of the wood in the fire helped him to relax”, “When he heard the crackling of the branches, it was late: the flames were already beginning to take over the forest”, “The Brazilian star is used to hearing the crackling of the flashes every time you enter a place”.

The idea of ​​crackling is usually associated with fire since the flames, by making certain elements burn, cause a characteristic noise. Suppose a person who must spend the night on a beach lights a fire with wood that he finds in the area. So it can heat up and also get lighting. Once the wood is lit, and as the flames grow, you begin to hear the crackle of the wood burning.

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Beyond the effect of fire, crackling can occur in other circumstances. A machine gun firing a burst of fire also causes a crackle, as does a camera equipped with a flash that takes pictures constantly.

In the field of veterinary and medicine, crackles are called an abnormal noise that the professional discovers when listening to the lungs through the chest. This crackling is usually caused by secretions that take place in the alveoli or bronchioles. One of the most common causes of crackles is pneumonia.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that the bones of the human body can also crackle. Specifically, it is basically that the joints can make noises such as clicks and creaks. This can happen due to trauma, due to a chronic disease such as osteoarthritis and even as something punctual and without great importance.

It is important to establish that a joint, such as a knee, crackles by itself does not mean that the person has a serious health problem nor does it require an immediate visit to the doctor for treatment.

Likewise, we cannot ignore that we can also feel crackling in the ears. In this case, they are noises that, in most cases, are produced by the body of the person who listens to them. Specifically, they can be generated by vascular structures, muscle contractures, trauma and even dental problems of different types. Causes that, in addition, can favor and increase the aforementioned crackling when certain postures are adopted, for example.

In this situation, what you have to do is go to the doctor if they recur with a certain frequency and it is not something specific so that you can carry out the pertinent examination and establish a diagnosis, which may require carrying out an adequate treatment.


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