Definitions of Cover

Definitions of Cover

A cover is something that is placed on a thing in order to protect and cover it. The intention is that the cover, as its name implies, covers the object in question.

For example: “We need a cover to protect the furniture before the move”, “For our wedding, Aunt Berta gave us a bed cover with colored flowers”, “The car punctured the cover and got lost, hitting the retaining wall”.

As an adjective, the idea of ​​covered or covered refers to the space that has a roof and that, therefore, is not exposed to the elements: “Tell the guests to wait in the covered gallery”, “The act will finally take place in the covered living room”, “What I like most about this house is its indoor pool”.

In books and magazines, the part on the front that protects the pages is known as the cover. The usual thing is that the cover receives the name of cover or cover and that it includes the basic information of the publication (title, author, etc.).

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Creating an impactful cover is an elusive job, particularly as it relies on the collaboration of multiple people, from different fields. Although nowadays paper magazines are not as common as in the past, they continue to exist and to maintain their validity they must not only offer quality content but also have a cover that attracts the attention of passers-by so that they come to look at it..

In the case of digital magazines, the design of the cover is also important, although the positioning of the website on which they are hosted is the factor that must be addressed the most to attract the public, since it allows it to be advertised and appear on the first positions of the searches. Books, video games, and music albums also owe a sizable percentage of their early success to their cover.

How do you get, therefore, an impressive and attractive cover? If we talk about a magazine, the first step takes place before the publication of the first number, in the planning stage, when the design of the name and its respective logo must be decided. These two elements, interdependent if any, will be part of all copies until the company makes the difficult decision to change them. The size, the colors, the typographical font, its extension and the ease with which the public can remember and pronounce it are some of the aspects to take into account.

In books, video games and music albums, the title is also important, although in these cases they will not always last more than one installment. Next comes an aspect that matters equally to all products: images. We live in a world that is captivated by graphics before bothering to read, and therefore we should not underestimate the photographs or drawings that we put on a cover; if they generate negative feelings in a potential client, they are likely to move on. Controversy is an ingredient that seriously threatens the success of a publication, although if it goes well it can boost your sales incalculable ways; therefore, before touching on any topic such as religion or politics, think twice.

Within the field of nautical, the deck is the surface of a boat. A ship can have several decks, since it is the floors that allow it to be divided into different floors or floors: “Passengers gathered on the deck to watch the whales”, “The captain asked us not to go out on deck due to the bad weather”, “A deck failure forced the ship to stop in port”.


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