Data Rates for The IPad with Movistar and Orange

Our colleagues from Engadget published a few hours ago prices free iPad coming to Spain on May 28 and such and as had advanced operators, today also confirmed the specific rates for this device with two common features: unlimited traffic and non-permanence for which in principle does not seem to go to subsidize it.

The first to launch its press release reporting these rates has been Orange which will be limited to two methods: rate daily for 3.5 euros and flat rate monthly for 35 euros, both included VAT and unlimited traffic but with speed limited to 128 Kbps if they exceed 250 MB and 2 GB of traffic respectively.

Movistar on the other hand it will differentiate to two possibilities users who already have a data rate, share it with the iPad.

  • For new customers the rates will be the same that already exist for iPhone and summarized in 200MB for 15 euros, 1GB for 25 euros and 5GB for 39 euros in contract while in prepaid you can connect for 3 euros each 30 MB or hire a bonus of 1 GB for 49 euros (limited to one month of life).
  • Customers who already they have an iPhone or a smartphone with Movistar may migrate to another tariff of 25 or 39 euros with 1 to 5 GB including respectively and get for free a second SIM card that can be used interchangeably on the iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

And for this specific rates were needed? Rather, it seems that they have done to highlight that they have iPads because in reality, the conditions are very similar to those that already existed with each operator. The most remarkable peculiarity is that stores will have prepared new microSIM cards necessary for iPad with new rates.