Cortana for iOS and Android: Mobile Phone with the Windows-10-PC Network

Cortana for iOS and Android: Mobile Phone with the Windows-10-PC Network

March 23, 2017 Electronics 0

Cortana is Microsoft’s alternative to Siri and Google now and has learned yet once firmly in the latest Windows-10 anniversary update. It is especially handy when Cortana also on the Smartphone – as important information, SMS, and notifications appear then parallel on all devices of the same account. From House does it work only with Windows mobile Smartphones (and soon on the Xbox one). But it goes even without Microsoft Smartphone: COMPUTER picture shows, how to install Android and iOS Cortana and connect with your PC.


Cortana tried: can Microsoft’s language assistant on the PC

The Cortana on Android and iOS

Many users understand Cortana as a clever voice control. But it is much more of a personal assistant. As such, it ensures that all devices that are logged on under the same Microsoft ID when Cortana, are provided with the same information about upcoming events, reminders and messages. Given these opportunities, the fact that the current Cortana apps for iOS and Android understand only the English language is quite bearable. Because apart from the voice control (for questions like will it rain this weekend?) important benefits of the parallel use on Windows 10 and Smartphone, brings notifications via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, missed call or even an empty cell phone battery also on the Windows 10 computers. The text line shows the ten most important functions in the simultaneous use of Cortana on Android and PC in more detail.

So Cortana Smartphone and PC networked

  1. SMSNeue SMS notification are displayed on the PC, in an information window appears on the one. On the other hand, the notifications in the information center of the icon can be accessed right in the task list Windows 10. SMS can it allows directly respond to. Once answered, but disappear the SMS from the Info Center, subsequently no longer call themselves. 2. notifications from other AppsDie alert other apps appear so, as you can see it on the lock screen of the Smartphone: so the text is shown when new WhatsApp messages. You can’t answers there but. 3. AnrufeBei missed call missed, a corresponding message appears on your computer. Class: Here you can reply box from the PC send even a text note, agree about a later callback. 4. weak mobile AkkuKurz before the cell phone battery is completely exhausted, Cortana warns that on the PC. 5. you type a flight number in the search window of the Cortana information about the flight StatusNachdem or spoken, offers the function to track the flight and informed about the boarding gate, reminiscent of the check-in or delays. 6 weather InfosNach the Cortana app can display local weather info. So that they appear also in degrees Celsius, it is necessary in the options menu (top left in the Cortana app) notebook and weather, choose the unit Celsius (see units). 7 ErinnerungenRichtet in Cortana memories a, the system displays them on all devices. Thus appear memories that you type in Cortana to the PC (remember me, because garbage out to bring, if I leave the House), also on the Smartphone. 8 day trip to HauseZur typical commuting time Cortana automatically gives information on traffic jams, train delays and gives tips on transport links to the public transport. 9 appointment reminders with AbfahrtserinnerungCortana always displays the next date in the calendars of the synchrosnierten devices. Dates with location, Cortana (similar to Google now on Android), reminded when it’s time to go. This works in the practice but limited is especially inaccurate, if it changes along the way between several means of transport. 10th Hey CortanaUnter Android can be activated also Hey Cortana’s voice control. Then needs to not touch the app icon to start Cortana, it simply calls the command Hey Cortana to the Smartphone. Not mobile, this feature also found in the top models with Windows 10 However on the iPhone. Important: make sure who should explosive information about who receives mTan for online-banking, SMS, that the computer logged Cortana not for strangers is visible. A SMS with the list of Christmas gifts can provide on the family PC trouble, if there as a parent in Cortana is logged in. On shared computers, it is advisable to switch off the notification between synchronized devices about the Cortana settings on the PC (see function overview in the text line above).

Cortana Android install


Users from Germany here download the Cortana APK via smartphone browser and manually install. As explained in the description of this installation, you must to at least once allow installing apps from unknown sources on your Android Smartphone. Then, launch the app and login with the same Microsoft ID which they use in Cortana Windows 10 on the computer. On the options menu (dash icon top left corner of the app) perform further configuration. Under notebook the unit Celsius can be in the entry for weather change, enter your favorite National League team in sports. Under settings and sync notifications the synchronization of certain notifications can be with the PC turn off. You can also like at the computer, switch on the hands-free activation of Cortana using the language command Hey Cortana. To run the app in the background.

Cortana: Android notification on the PC

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Cortana install IOS


Cortana on the iPhone to install iPod touch and iPad, you need yet an American Apple account. How you access in a few minutes to create, are described in a detailed manual. Then you go to the device settings on the menu of iTunes & app stores, tap your current Apple ID and choose unsubscribe. Sign up with their US Apple ID again, then install the Microsoft Cortana app from the app store. Tip: on the iPad, the app only on the iPhone only setting is found. After you login again on request with their German Apple ID.


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Cortana on a Windows Smartphone


On Windows smartphones, Cortana is installed at the factory, you can activate the service (as on the PC). Then you can turn the Cortana, via the search button at the bottom of the display, or with newer top smartphones like the Lumia 950 with the voice command Hey Cortana. On Windows phones, works differently than in Android and iOS also the language instruction in German. In addition, apps can start and operate also in part. However, knowledge questions which go beyond weather and Bundesliga games, English continues to be only very limited although Cortana is used in this country since 2014 as a pre-release version work. Background: The knowledge base, which comes from Cortanas U.S. Edition, not available in German yet.

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Cortana: The notebook


The user communicates with Cortana primarily about the notebook. There, the user entered his preferences and interests. These include home and work addresses or favorite news topics, the most important contacts, which must always call or resting periods, in which the user only in exceptional cases may be disturbed. Based on this information initiated Cortana calls, write SMS, changes the phone settings and searches emails, SMS, contact data and music files. In addition, she makes notes and makes calendar entries or change. There are overlaps, Cortana informs the user and makes proposals to the solution.

Video: language assistance from Microsoft

A character from the game Halo is the namesake for the new language assistant in Windows phone 8.1 Our site has the Lady talk. Cortana is Microsoft’s new language assistant

Cortana: Additional functions


In addition, Cortana answered questions of all kinds and it accesses on the Bing Web search. Certain topics are however installed. These include local traffic and weather information, but also information on places of interest in the environment. Cortanas is also scheduling tasks: has deposited an address a user such as a date entry, Cortana indicates him in time to break up, taking into account the current traffic situation and of the current site.

Cortana remains silent on request also


The interaction with the Assistant takes place both voice and keyboard input. Tip for environments where the Smartphone to remain silent: the input via keyboard, Cortana silently only with text display responds.