Comparative Rates for Private Voice Vodafone, Movistar and Orange

Comparative Rates for Private Voice Vodafone, Movistar and Orange

July 12, 2017 Electronics 0

Comparative updated in the following link.

During the summer campaign, the traditional operators have refined their rates for voice and although it is difficult to compare them by the wide variety of options, it is important to know their differences to choose the most advantageous for each type of clients.

The box is divided into three blocks with different profiles to which rates are addressed and within each block is different between traditional rates with a lower monthly commitment, price per minute and a call set-up; and flat rates (or rather, limited bonds of minutes) that stand out for not paying call set-up in Exchange for monthly commitment which, in theory, can help predict the spending.

Once compared the different rates, we see other differences that must be taken into account.

  • Change of rate within a same operator is Movistar and Vodafone free while Orange charge 15 euros for each change.
  • Rates per minute (more establishment), Movistar charges a supplement of 3 cents per minute on calls to Telstra.
  • Flat rates may have other limits Apart from the maximum of minutes included. Specifically Movistar also limits the number maximum monthly calling will be the same as the number of minutes included in every room rate (for example, maximum 300 minutes or 300 calls) except with Idirizzi journals. Orange in turn limits their flat rates to a maximum of 75 different destinations each month. Vodafone does not have any other limit.
  • Additional benefits. Vodafone offers automatic discounts with their flat rates if you hire the Vodafone fixed in your home, mobile internet, or ADSL. Orange offers discounts on their mobile internet rates when associated to any of your flat rates and summarizes them in rates dolphin. Orange also has a module that extends free calls of flat rates 24 hours a week in Exchange for 4.90 euros/month.

Clarify any of these fees allows subsidy of terminals and compatibility with saving modules so the rates low cost of these operators that do not allow to associate with them permanence (Movistar Simple, tiny of Vodafone and Orange Basic) are compared along with the other operators in the comparative low cost rates.