Brightflash, The Phantom Company That Would Be Recording Brand IWatch Worldwide

Two days ago we saw how Apple began to protect their trademarks in the field of jewelry and watches, signal that is preparing to throw something in that category of products. But in what to the Mark “iWatch” is concerned, there is a company called Brightflash that you are registering it in the United States. But MacRumors has released data that make you suspect that the own Apple is behind Brightflash.

Little is known of this company: is founded in the State of Delaware (place where laws facilitate the creation of companies), and its directors are unknown. He began to register the mark ‘iWatch’ at the same time that you did Apple outside the United States, and its address is that of a building where there are registered hundreds of thousands of anonymous companies.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple used another company to register a mark that you want to use

Brightflash has also recorded some brands in other countries, and although it might be that it was a small company that wants to do with the ownership of brands seeking technological Giants concludes that it is not very likely because going too fast and coinciding with the decisions of Apple.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has used ghost companies to register brands: brand iSlate was owned by Slate Computing and the mark iPad was it IP Application Development. Both were to be controlled by Apple, who simply registered the possible names of your tablet. We still do not know if this “iWatch” will be a disposable name as iSlate, but these signals leave us increasingly less doubt that Apple are preparing for a new product.