Battery Monster: The Best Smartphones for Pokemon GO!

Battery Monster: The Best Smartphones for Pokemon GO!

March 17, 2017 Electronics 0

Here Pikachu and Charizard as Pokemon GO is still always on everyone’s lips. The surprising hype there is no end currently in sight. The hunters of the little pocket monsters are quickly identified: with the Smartphone people on the street wave around wildly in all directions, what with the essential charge cord hangs an oversized battery pack. Yes, hobby Pokémon trainer truly not have it easy. Just don’t look right when looking at the percentage of the battery. That melts in perceived seconds faster then as the ice in the hot summer sun. Our site wanted it more precisely know and has grabbed popular Smartphones from all price ranges with some surprising results. You find in the following photo series.

Pokemon GO: the best smartphones!

China exotic front of celebrities

The results are surprising: not about Samsung’s top Smartphone Galaxy S7 edge or the XXL-iphone 6 S is at the top plus, but a Chinese exotic. The Ulefone power held out the longest with a Pokemon GO NET run time of six hours and nine minutes, followed closely (six hours) from the Huawei Mate 8 Apple’s iphone 6S plus (four hours and 48 minutes) and also the edge of S7 (four hours and six minutes) do pass out much earlier. The battery air in the beginner and lower middle class was particularly tight: the Moto G3 had only two hours and 15 minutes, the honor 5 X adopted after another four and a half minutes. Important note: the test results may vary for other users, because many factors such as the sensitivity and active background processes both positively and negatively affect the runtime. In the test, all devices had full LTE reception, no other apps running in the background and the brightness of the screen was on the middle value set.

No Pokemon for Windows mobile

Who wonder about missing Windows smartphones and senses a conspiracy, as simple as it is sobering for Lumia users answer should take into account: Pokémon GO is not available in the Windows store. If you are among those affected and move to rethink the developers want to here there is the Pokémon GO petition for Windows mobile.

Overview: the best smartphones

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