Attala County, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi is located in the east-central part of the state and features a beautiful landscape. The county is home to rolling hills, dense forests, and numerous lakes and rivers, making it an ideal place for outdoor recreation. The terrain in Attala County ranges from flat to hilly with elevations reaching up to 1,000 feet.

The area’s main geographical feature is the Attala River which flows through the county from north to south. The river is a popular spot for fishing and canoeing as it meanders through the countryside. Other bodies of water include Lake Attala and Lake Pickwick which are both great spots for swimming and boating activities.

Attala County is also populated by numerous forests that are home to a variety of wildlife such as deer, turkeys, quail, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, foxes, coyotes and more. These forests provide plenty of opportunities for hunting and bird watching as well as hiking trails that wind through the trees.

The region’s climate can be described as humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures reach their highest in July when they can reach up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit while January tends to be the coldest month with temperatures dipping into the low thirties at night. Rainfall averages around 50 inches annually with most coming during spring months between March and May.

Overall, Attala County has a unique geography that makes it an ideal location for outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting or camping trips or simply enjoying nature’s beauty in its many forests and parks. With its diverse landscape ranging from flat plains to hilly terrain there’s something for everyone here in Attala County.

Attala County, Mississippi

Country Seat and Other Main Cities of Attala County, Mississippi

The county seat of Attala County, Mississippi is the city of Kosciusko. It is a small town with a population of around 5,000 people and is located in the center of the county. The city is known for its historic downtown area that has many old buildings and shops from the 19th century. The city also features some notable attractions such as the Old Courthouse Museum and the Attala County Historical Society.

Kosciusko also serves as a hub for other nearby towns in Attala County such as Ethel, which is home to a large Amish community; Sallis, which has an old-fashioned general store; and McAdams, which has an antique mall that attracts tourists from all over.

According to, other main cities in Attala County include McCool, which is home to one of Mississippi’s oldest churches; Kosciusko’s neighboring town of Durant; and Edinburg, which is known for its scenic countryside views. All these cities have plenty to offer visitors including restaurants, shopping centers, parks, museums and more.

Attala County also features numerous rural communities such as French Camp and Thomastown that are small but offer visitors plenty to explore including antique stores and local festivals like the French Camp Festival held each year in June.

No matter where you go in Attala County you are sure to find something interesting to explore. From historic downtowns to scenic countryside views there’s something here for everyone.

History of Attala County, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi has a long and storied history that dates back to before the United States was even formed. It was first established in 1833 and named after a Choctaw leader named Attala. The county was originally part of the Choctaw Nation until it was divided into separate counties in 1832.

The county experienced its heyday during the cotton boom in the mid 1800s when it became one of the most prosperous agricultural regions in Mississippi. During this time, many wealthy planters built large plantation homes and farms throughout the area. As a result, the population of Attala County increased significantly, reaching over 10,000 by 1860.

During the Civil War, Attala County was occupied by both Confederate and Union forces at different times. After the war ended, Reconstruction had a major impact on Attala County as newly freed slaves were granted rights to own land for the first time in their lives. This led to an increase in small farming operations throughout the area as well as an influx of African Americans moving into towns like Kosciusko and Ethel.

In more recent years, Attala County has seen its population decline due to economic hardship and out-migration from rural areas to larger cities like Jackson or Memphis. Despite this, it remains an important part of Mississippi’s history with many historic sites such as churches and courthouses still standing Today, that serve as reminders of its rich past and vibrant culture.

Economy of Attala County, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi is part of the Golden Triangle region and is located in the north-central part of the state. The economy of Attala County is largely based on agriculture, with soybeans, corn, and cotton being some of the main crops grown. Additionally, there are several catfish farms in the county which provide employment to many locals. Forestry also plays an important role in the local economy, with timber being one of the main exports from Attala County. Manufacturing also plays a significant role in the local economy thanks to a number of factories located throughout Attala County that produce a variety of goods such as furniture, clothing and paper products. Finally, tourism is another important industry for Attala County as it offers visitors a chance to explore its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities such as hunting and fishing. All these industries provide employment opportunities to many people living in Attala County and help keep its economy healthy and vibrant.

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