ARI Partinen, Expert in Chambers and Engineer at Nokia, Is Passed to The Ranks of Apple

ARI Partinen, photography expert engineer and one of the leaders of quality in the Nokia Lumia PureView cameras, He has been hired by Apple. He himself has confirmed it in a Tweet responding to another person about his work shift, saying also that it will start in June. One of the components of the iPhone that Apple cares most is the camera, so the entrance of Ari is another sign of that care for future phone models.

Nokia, in fact, always been presumed the lumia partly by the quality of their cameras in night photographs and by the enormous resolution can take. The best example of this is the Nokia 808 PureView, who surprised everyone with a 41-megapixel sensor (discussed in a video of Engadget Mobile).

Today will be my last day working for the amazing #Lumia family. In June I will start a new chapter in Cupertino, California. Much love!

— ARI Partinen (@Partinen) May 9, 2014

@bharadc23 Thank you for great discussions and feedback! (And it is the company you are thinking assuming you are thinking Apple) =)

— ARI Partinen (@Partinen) May 9, 2014

Yes, this measure does not determine the quality of the photos, but still get this camera on a smartphone is something commendable. And ARI Partinen has formed part of the team that gave the way to do it. Your experience will be more than welcome in Cupertino, where should not have stopped working to improve the sensors of their iOS devices.