Android Users Are More “Loyal” Than Those of iOS

According to a new study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), over the past two years, owners of smartphones based on Android would become more loyal to their operating system than users of iOS -based devices by Apple.

The study of the CIRP was performed in United States with quarterly surveys on a fairly limited sample, about 4000 people, between July of 2013 and June 2015. During this period, 82% of those who had an Android has regained a device based on this OS. The retention rate of iOS has reached 78% instead.

The data collected from the study of the CIRP are in contrast to a similar one conducted in 2013 from Retrevo that Apple had a client retention rate of 81% for 63% of Android.

For other operating systems things aren’t going very well. The retention rate of BlackBerry OS has reached only the 4% while that of Microsoft Windows Phone has reached 19%.

These data may suggest that, at least among the owners of iOS and Android, the move to a new platform is not a very attractive option. For the other manufacturers there is confirmation that iOS and Android are two dominant platforms.

The “bad news” for Apple is that, according to the study, 20% of whom had a iPhone bought an Android device during the period under review against the 16% of Android users who switched to iOS.

While not identifying the exact reason why a user decides to switch platforms, the CIRP analysed also the influence of carriers noting that while the previous 79% of Android users would continue to use their platform even when changing operator, only 51% of iOS users would do likewise.

“Our analysis suggests that the transition to a new mobile operator is related to the transition from iOS to Android, but not the other way around,” said Mike Levin, co-founder of the CIRP.