Android Instant Apps, Use Applications without Installing Them Also Will Be Reality Very Soon

Android Instant Apps, Use Applications without Installing Them Also Will Be Reality Very Soon

May 27, 2017 Electronics 0

Virtual reality with Daydream and Android, a higher intelligence conjugation to the search engine of Google and the new Android N Preview 3 version, these have been clear players in a 2016 I/O Google, which this year seems to have reduced the stream of developments in relation to previous financial years.

However, the end of the central Conference of the event we had prepared an interesting surprise to Android users, and is that Google has presented Instant Android Apps for applications to our Android devices – or rather the browser of our devices Android – no need to have them installed prior.

Yes, it sounds like, Android will be able of run certain applications without having to have them installed, and it will do so allows developers to convert their applications in a web address that you can open from the smartphone browser.

In addition, the great news is that Instant Apps will support not only from Android N, but also with all the terminals that use Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later versions operating system.

Using apps is like browsing any web

The experience that Google has shown with Instant Apps is the same as any user would have to browse over Internet, because the app opens directly in the browser in the way that we show in the image.

However, the application options are available natively in the browser, without having this installed or exit the browser to run it.

Applications are chopped into modules downloadable and executed separately, allowing each user to automatically download any part of the application that needs. Now if we want to use the complete application, we will install it.

Android Instant Apps is now a reality and shown during the event, but Google reserves at the moment the release date Announcing a brief “more later this year” Affirming that access to form staggered over the next months will go by opening.

The bad news is that not all applications will be compatible, and we can only wait to see what developers are able to correctly target their applications to run smoothly in this instant mode.

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