Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4 (6-Inch) 3 G: Practice Test of the Cheap Giant

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4 (6-Inch) 3 G: Practice Test of the Cheap Giant

March 2, 2017 Electronics 0

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Alcatel one touch pixi 4 is suitable for all who want to necessarily have a 6-inch Android for a budget price. Finally, there is the Phablet in this price segment almost alone. Besides the cheap giant can not score but: the display not high solve enough and reflects strong, free disk space can be found almost only with a magnifying glass and the sensor buttons respond only if they feel just like it. Only the great front camera stands out positively. Really good 6-inch devices like the Huawei Mate 8 are about four times as expensive as the pixi 4. Therefore the Tip: rather think a number smaller, invest more and access for 180 euros (State: 13.07.2016) to the LG stylus 2 with 5.7-inch screen and display pen. Best price on the Internet: 115,76 euro * per order this product at Amazon dual SIM good front camera counter battery set Reaktionsschwache installed gross sensor buttons resolution mirror display little space assessment of editorial sufficient user rating (out of 1 reviews) the 6-inch model of the 4 Alcatel one touch pixi belongs to the so-called Phablets is the size of the forth somewhere between the Smartphone and tablet. Despite similar display size, the plastic device is much longer, wider and slightly heavier than the XXL Smartphone Huawei Mate 8. By the enormous size of the pixi 4, it is almost impossible to use the Phablet with only one hand. The weight is in the face of this size but still in order and the unit is surprisingly comfortable in the hands. The non-slip back is not removable, which thus determine obstructed battery. Cards come in the boxes on the sides of the Phablets: left up to the two micro-SIM cards (dual SIM), right a microsd card. The power button and the volume control buttons are somewhat shaky, the processing may not fully convince. Also, the sensor keys under the display in the practice test cost nerves properly: they often responded to repeatedly. Game over was 9 input attempts the highscore!

Practice test: Alcatel one touch pixi 4 (6-inch)

Giant display with weaknesses

The display of the Alcatel one touch pixi is 4 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) tall. The resolution (960 x 540 pixels) is no longer enough for the size, the screen is not really sharp and closer look at individual pixels can be seen. Otherwise the display of the pixi has 4 smaller weaknesses: it’s too dark, the contrast is a little too low. Also the colors are slightly too pale. The perspective has come about, quite small. For outdoor applications, the biggest problem of the screen reveals himself: he is strong, accurate reading when sunshine is almost impossible. Due to the disturbing reflections is also all the more that the pixi 4 is very prone to fingerprints.

The search for the lost function

On its website (as of July 14, 2016) Alcatel, advertises that the pixi 4 may display up to three apps simultaneously. This annoying switching should be ditched, the user can operate parallel apparently several applications on the screen. The practical test, the function was however unable to find even after intense crawling of the Internet. It is either so well hidden that the operation is anything but intuitive, or but Alcatel trying to believe a non-existent function Smartphone fans. The onetouch stream already known by older devices 4 on board, however, even with the pixi, facing the swipe of a links on the home screen, weather, calendar entries, mail messages and app recommendations.

No updates Android

The equipment offers a for the price good battery capacity of 2,580 MAH, battery life benefits from the less powerful technology. To do this, the slightly outdated Android is 5.1 lollipop on board. The Phablet via Wi-Fi connects older n standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band and Bluetooth 4.0. Buyer at the pixi 4 in the tested 3 g version will have LTE fast data connection and NFC. Would buy a pixi 4 and use LTE, so you need to the 4 g model of the Phablets access.

Processor performance for beginners in order

Inside the Alcatel one touch pixi 4 the mediatek MT8321 processor works, whose four cores with up to 1.3 ghz bars. The graphics unit Mali-400 MP supports him in the pixel hunting. The results of various benchmark tests are not impressive as expected: Geekbench 3 and gfxbench the pixi 4 is governed by the elderly Samsung Galaxy S3. Graphically demanding 3D games like asphalt Nitro masters the Phablet but without juddering. The operating speed is somewhat slow, but rarely interferes with smooth crawling of the surface.

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Tiny space

1 gigabytes of memory to the side is the processor. The internal memory is 8 GB. Because the software based on Android 5 lollipop eats space, just once just 2 gigabytes free of charge are the user almost nothing. After all, can be the internal memory with a microsd card for up to 64 gigabytes expand.

Camera for vampire

Draws on 8 megapixel back camera and take photos too dark photos. Not a single ray of light on photos is to detect vampires and other creatures of the night that will make happy, everyone else not even in bright sunshine. It is also to discover something a few details, noticed some blurring at the edges of the snapshots. The colors look like, however, of course, and therefore good. The HDR mode brightens the picture artificially, and messes up recordings with high image noise. This ensures abundant vitamin D, because rays of the Sun are visible by using the function. Detail shots fails the auto focus and makes a dash through the Bill sharp snapshots. The front-facing camera 5 mega pixels and shoots sizable self portraits, which are the sharpness, brightness and colours. The pixi 4 in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) captures video. Movies are slightly noisy, but otherwise go alright. Sample images from the photo comparison device, Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article for download.