4moms Moxi: Stroller for Smartphone Junkies

4moms Moxi: Stroller for Smartphone Junkies

March 16, 2017 Electronics 0

Parents of young children have it not always easy when they spin in the fresh air with the rascals: the youngest scream, the diapers are full and the curbs are too high. If even the battery of the beloved Smartphone is the spirit, many see red. The company 4moms wants to intervene here with helping and announces a baby stroller called Moxi for all parents, who on the road do not want on their mobile phone or can.

Ongoing power generation

The highlight: generators that produce electricity with each revolution is hidden in the rear wheels. The Smartphone can connect to a USB port in the handle of the stroller and therefore charge, so do not run out of steam run out the cell phone while walking. The generators also operate headlights and rear lights approaching cars should recognize eventually in time him on the Moxi in the dark. Still an LCD display that shows the time, distance traveled, and current temperature next to the Smartphone battery sits on the handle. Calories burned while running with an app can calculate and make adjustments to the Moxi. The bed for the child can be swivelled in both directions, a storage area offers space for play and booster. The Smartphone prams can not fold however.

Overview: the best smartphones

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Price and availability

Moxi will be available from October of this year in the United States and hit with $ 700 to beech. The stroller is compatible with the smart car seat of manufacturer’s coming in September on the US market. Until it is so far, the blog by 4moms provides more detailed information.