Why Shazam, Siri and Beats Could Return to ITunes to Your Throne

Now that the alleged purchase of Beats by Apple operation comes into scene, reinforced an idea that had in mind. I think that Apple is preparing a very important push for retrieve status of defender of the music that has always. It is a theory. It has little evidence supporting it and some of them are rumors that could confirm almost with the same security that we discard them. But I find it interesting to share it.

Last month, Bloomberg destapaba news that read as follows:

The company [Apple] is planning functionality of recognition of songs in an update to iOS, its mobile operating system, allowing users to identify a song and its artist using an iPhone or an iPad.

For this new feature, Apple would have partnered with Shazam and we should expect to see these new features in iOS 8. If you remember, in May of last year Shazam updated their app and gave a major facelift to the iPad version. One of the features that were added was the listen to permanent to tag songs. Even if we close the app on the iPad, Shazam will continue to listen to in the background. SHAZAM is also capable of identifying the series we are seeing in those time just by the sound. Interesting.

Siri and Beats come into play

It is difficult to believe in coincidences, but it is even harder to believe in anything- John Green, writer.

Do you know what is one of the major drawbacks I find you Siri? Should always tell you When you should listen to us. Siri would be much more useful if we could activate it with a simple “Siri, tell me the weather today in Madrid” without having to press a button. A voice activation as that already a Moto X users enjoy.

Maybe that Shazam integration in iOS 8 begins with the “preventive” identification of songs in an integrated way. That this functionality is built-in in music or the rumored iTunes Music-independent app. But I am convinced that this partnership with Shazam is not a coincidence and will stand to in the future further integrate into the system with Siri. Apple is very test the water with the tip of the foot to know the temperature before diving into the pool, there is more to look at Touch ID and its inevitable expansion to the payment with the iPhone.

There is an ocean of music there. And there is no cure on it – any Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Beats.

On Friday we saw how Apple made history by breaking his record of acquisitions with Beats Electronics and are discussing what could be making the rapper and producer Dr. Dre in the company of California. Little mentioned Beats Music streaming service has many ballots to fill the incredible gap left by Apple in its musical offerings.

There is something beyond the helmets and the Beats streaming

But if you look beyond, sell a company to another tends to be motivated not only by money but also by the promise to promote, accelerate and increase products that the company already had in mind in its pipeline. I think that the cure of music mentioned Iovine was Beats plans but something missing to carry it out. To be able to suggest suitable songs requires a scale and a user base that only iTunes currently has. More than 800 million accounts, almost all of them with a credit card introduced.

And if Shazam is also a part of the puzzle that Siri would help provide music recommendations?

-Siri, put some music that I like.

-Based on the latest songs that you’ve tagged, this is a very good selection. Playing music.

Apple needs to turn to a market that had conquered on its own merits. It is high time to claim what is theirs again, we will see if the Alliance with Shazam and the purchase of Beats take you in the right direction.