What Are The Motivations of Tim Cook and Larry Page?

What do they do to be lifted each morning prepared to do their job? How do they find forces when their companies are facing siege? Why they do what they do? What is your motivation in life? Sorry to be so metaphysical sometimes, but I think that these questions are very relevant today.

I like to believe that there are companies there out as Apple and Google whose mission in life is to make a better world, changing society and have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. Companies that want to be better day by day. Companies that contribute something instead of subtracting the world. Companies for which money is a means to an ultimate end upper. So I wonder what is it that motivates its most responsible: Tim Cook and Larry Page.

Talk about devices, technology and user experience is very good but is not everything. Money is very important to achieve the objectives that one arises, that without a doubt, but over time I’ve realized that it is not, should not and cannot be our only goal in life.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and company come to millionaire salaries

My son, the happiness is made of small things: A small yacht, a small mansion, a small fortune – Groucho Marx.

Soccer players are a few mercenaries. Because all they want is money, be rotten money, be filthy rich. Really? I don’t think so. When usually you ask a soccer player Why does what it does, the answers that tend to form are:

  • Challenges like.
  • They want to give the best of themselves.
  • Reaching the limit and see what lies beyond.
  • The show.
  • Be part of something big.
  • The celebrity and all that accompanies it.

There is something beyond money. I’m not saying that money is something dirty or bad and we should avoid it or you have to donate it all to charity or to an NGO. No. Then and if you both like what they do, why do not do you free?

If you’re good at something, never do it gratis- The Joker in the Dark Knight.

Imagine a football player you want. A crack. You know why cobra million euros and plays in the best clubs? Look at the list above and tell me, what clubs can meet those needs? Is there any club that suits them better than another? Perhaps the Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern and Milan do it better than others?

I believe it, these clubs (and many others) are those who tend to win leagues, play Champions, UEFA and Cup. They are those who guarantee challenges, be able to give the best of themselves, reach the limit, giving the public spectacle, large and everything it takes to be famous.

Why Tim Cook and Larry Page come to million

Because they are the Ronaldos and Messis technology. They give the best of themselves by a company in which believe, directing them is a personal and professional challenge that obliges them to reach the limit, are aware of that are on the crest of the wave, and managing companies which make history every day. Apple strives to make the best products and Google makes efforts to provide universal access to the internet and an unbeatable range of services all over the world. If their motivation is reduced to money, any day they could stop working and do not however. Why?

All the money that WINS Apple, Google, Cook, and Page serves for something rather than to be collected in their thick accounts. With it they can attract other players star in the technology sector, can put challenges in front of their eyes and give them the opportunity to try and be the best. And as a result, we will see better products, services, and ecosystems.

For many of us, the technology is a show. One who, like soccer, also move millions. Day one of the two companies sufficiently to make more money to make better products, will be the day that will become a somebody. Ends and means, money as an end or as a means to something higher. The difference may be imperceptible, naïve or non-existent for some. But it is the only difference that I care. And you?