We Analyze The ‘In & out’ of The London Collections Men Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014 (I)

One of the novelties of the LCM o-I 2013 / 2014; the Show Rooms.

Long and tended we spoke of the large men’s fashion week. Milan the capital of tailoring, and Paris with the tasteful tradition. But this year we had at least left a little forgotten capital latest in trends is concerned; London.

Something nearly unforgivable for our part since since last season, the city delBig Ben has his own week dedicated to menswear. Something which, as portal of fashion of man that we are, we can not ignore. In this special We discussed the ins & outs This gateway that is gradually taking more and more strength and positioning within the international calendar.

The first IN We decide it to the new project London Show Rooms -a space similar to the area of novice designers of Cibelespacio de la Fashion Week Madrid – that allows emerging designers show their collections to buyers both media arrivals from all over the world. A golden opportunity to give the first push to those young promises of the design that, in the United Kingdom, there are a few.

OUT: impossible to Oliver Spencer strips

It cost me to make this claim, considering that Oliver Spencer It is one of the firms with better English tailoring and tasteful. But sorry, this year, they have not successful with the impossible horizontal stripes. And, honestly, this print, even if try us it sell as 60s inspiration – nobody in the cited period dress a suit. In other words, they are not convincing. And it is not for nothing, but it is that Tommy Hilfiger already tried it last year and came out with the Strip backfire.

IN: Total look black with ‘pop’ accents in Katy Eary

Although the designer Katy Eary It was much hand overloaded almost all outputs with the same pattern and, in addition, with the same technical finish vinyl fabric… that was a gesture very smart when it comes to use these psychedelic prints bathed in electric colors in some sets very winter. How? As to the mode of small winks in the total looks in black. In addition, the key pieces that presented in these outfits; Wrap with sleeves of leather as a cylindrical ribbons or cords trousers, were interesting (which is not to say that we have not seen them before). The best, the eighties sportsgear pure pop art style.

OUT: Topman Design have passed with the Orange

We accept the style Après footwear Sandals (more sock), that Yes, only as a stylistic touch very parade. Another thing is to swallow the three almost monochrome sets. Three outputs that were nothing less than orange. Yes, that is a positive color as few, but not for a day in the snow I see it appropriate. An acid touch is fine, but all this tone, saturated and much. This time it has not crept Topman Design.

IN: Countryside-style luxury in Agi & Sam

To get started, see grandparents so nice like this – I call them golden models – on any runway, to me, it arouses me a smile. As I said yesterday, I believe that fashion is for everyone and not understood in ages. In addition, the reinterpetecion of countryside-style 100 per one hundred british that you have made AGI & Sam It has been impeccable, original and, above all, with much class. Never before the country style dressed so elegant. Not to say that sets that looked the dogs were directly ideal.