Vodafone Presents LTE Turbo 4.5 G

The capacity of mobile surfing have been steadily rising. Already by 2020, the mobile phone standard 5 G should be established. Previously Vodafone takes a half step further and now takes the fastest mobile base stations of in Germany located near Hanover in operation. Only on appropriate Smartphones that will cope with the LTE Turbo 4.5 G, lacking still.

So there is lot of speed in the provinces

16 images of the measured values pioneer in speed

In the next six months, more mobile base stations in Germany go at the start. Then, 5 to 10 percent of the Vodafone users can use the 4.5 facilities. We are the first in Germany, offering 4.5 G. This is for us a giant leap forward, Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter said. Vodafone is working on the 4.5 G project together with the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Thus also a Huawei Smartphone is expected, that supports 4.5 G. The two Samsung models S7 and S7-edge are currently the only 4.5G-tauglichen smartphones.

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Already HD video and music streaming represent LTE no problems thanks to 4 G. But the step 5 G mobile wireless standard is necessary, as it is a key element of networked drive. A fast connection is essential when it comes that the vehicle needs to communicate in real time with other vehicles and the environment. Currently 5 G is already being tested. The city of Berlin is working on a 5 G test field in cooperation with Telekom and Japan want the new mobile wireless standard just in time to the summer Olympics 2020 nationwide in Tokyo offer.