Ulefone Power In The Practice Test: The Perfect Smartphone For Pokemon Go!

Test verdict: What you should know

The Ulefone power is an interesting Smartphone exotic from the far East, which world has the best medicine against the currently broken Pokemon GO fever: a particularly enduring battery. The record-breaking endurance is the flagship of the power (two days for intensive use and more than six hours at the Pokemon Marathon), makes thick and heavy it but also in comparison to the middle-class competition. Another highlight is the sharp full HD screen and in the light of the favourable price everything else for granted. For this, buyers must make compromising the pace of work and the weak camera. Best price on the Internet: 158,99 Euro * per order this product at Amazon great battery performance sharp full-HD display despite China import with LTE band 20 provided cheaper price counter has a clunky processor proves satisfactory assessment of editorial mediocre camera brake of performance users rating (out of 1 reviews) comic scenes currently on German roads take place: hordes of young people and forever young populate the hotspots of the city , stop while car drivers out of nowhere with warning flasher on the side stripes. Sounds like the true become Apocalypse, but has a less harmful reason: the Pokemon go fever has broken out (not only) in Germany, the Pokemon Hunter are going on! How to recognize the growing species? The narrow-minded views of the Smartphone and the battery pack. The energy blocks with the saving juice are the umbilical cord on the hunt for Pikachu & co., when the mobile companion will say goodbye not after an hour or two. The only alternative in addition to the power Bank: A Smartphone with sustained XXL battery. COMPUTER screen has gone on the search and is struck in the far East with the Ulefone power. THE Pokemon mobile is the China Klopper? The editorial makes the practice test.

Ulefone power: China phone with Monster battery

Battery: He runs and runs and runs…


Let’s power right at the eponymous figurehead of the Ulefone: the giant battery. Semi 6.050 milliampere hours (mAh) energy performance cavort under the hood record in the Smartphone world. From this value, users of the iPhone 6 S (2,750 mAh) and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge can only dream (3,600 mAh). On paper, the Ulefone is unbeatable, how it looks in practice? In everyday life, the power with its large battery capacity is not nearly empty offices. During normal use, it kept well two days, with normal usage patterns there are even on three to four days all outstanding values! The full-bodied advertising promises, the manufacturer shall do Word. Where there is plenty of space, must also back far up after use: thanks to rapid charging a fully discharged power regained the 100-percent mark after one hour and 58 minutes. Now to the crucial question: how long is the Ulefone power actually Pokemon play GO to the piece? In a fatigue test made it always active screen (with medium brightness setting) only after six hours and nine minutes to pass out in spite of the power hungry GPS. The significance of the recorded time can only examine when looking at the competition: Apple’s iPhone 6 plus (four hours and 48 minutes) and also the edge of S7 (4 hours and 6 minutes) much earlier do to pass out.

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Much more battery is not the Ulefone power is everything in long term. Does that make it a dream for every Pokemon gamer? Ulefone power: The best Pokemon GO Smartphone?

Smartphone battery test: Run-time loser and lifetime-best!

Optics: bundle of joy from China

The endurance skills have an optical disadvantage: the Ulefone power is a real spark, comparatively high 201 grams on the scale. Converted two panels are chocolate and it shows in the search for Pokemon also. However, the combination of Smartphone and battery pack weighs typically even more: the Galaxy S7 edge comes to 150 grams, a standard power Bank with additional 3,000 mAh supplemented by additional 70 grams. With its large troubled mass (155 x 77 x 9, 5 mm) the Ulefone no longer fits in any pocket and with his 9.5 millimeters thick, it flatters hardly a hand. When the with each 4 millimeters big dropouts margin Ulefone could have saved a bit of room. Nevertheless, manages the Chinese manufacturer a functional appearance. The frame is surrounded by aluminum, the back side is covered with smooth plastic that is said to recall a metal look depending on the light. Due to the extensive battery, the plastic rear how at S7 is strongly curved outwards. The processing is otherwise fine, the coincidence of the back and the Chinese would have to solve better part. The resulting edge feels uncomfortable and anything but high-quality’s makes the metal frame to a foreign body. Also the heat issues on the back show that Ulefone not at the front has the comfort on his priority list. The otherwise precisely working fingerprint sensor is no longer usable after a very short time, as he very strongly heated whether the enormous rise in temperature.


Xiaomi Mi5 in the practice test: cheap flagship with top technology

Display: Full HD for less money


In the Middle, full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) were a rarity until recently, now the high resolution is arrived at the lower end of the Smartphone mediocrity. Or proves even including such as the Ulefone of power. With an import price of around 120 euros, located exactly between the entry-level and mid-range chairs and blurs the formerly rigid price limits. Because also the power relies on sharp full HD at a screen size of 5.5 inches, which results in a high image density of 401 pixels per inch. At the edge, it is slightly rounded, giving a touch of elegance to the Smartphone despite plastic back. The colors and the contrast, the low-cost Smartphone reflected surprisingly well. Even in the King discipline, outdoors when the sun shines, the power is not nakedness. The brightness of the screen is sufficiently bright. Alone the angle dependency could have been better, with the wrong look on the Smartphone, the colors distort quite quickly. Good: A custom-fit protective foil is attached on the screen factory. This saves money and is unlike the hobby Folierer at home guaranteed without unsightly air bubbles and dust.


Display de luxe: The hottest smartphones in the test

Technology: The eight core Sham


Full-HD display and large battery, somewhere there must be but price cuts. Yes, they’re available and also more or less noticeable in everyday life in technology. The eight core of MediaTek (exact model designation: MTK6753) sounds like a powerhouse, proves to be in the test because of its low clock rate (is 1.3 gigahertz) but as a disturbing brake. It is also second interruptions when navigating through the user interface to annoying delays or in rare cases. There also no longer helps further with 3 gigabytes troubled memory, just when running multiple apps (multi-tasking) it is always said problems. Too bad: delivered Android 5.1 lollipop is installed, the update promised by the manufacturer on version number 6.0 is not yet available. Performance-eating games like asphalt Nitro bring the power considerably to its limits, but is sufficient for the resource-saving Pokemon GO. The experiences can be the benchmark tests: tool Primus Antutu calculates 36.020 points, Geekbench 615 (one core) and 2.729 (multiple cores). Thus the power on par with the in the years run is Samsung Galaxy S4 more than three mind you. The S7 edge, however, is (Antutu: 130,000 points) worlds away. After all: Smartphone standards such as Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE (with the in this country such an important band of 20) are included with the Ulefone power. The store using one is also expandable microSD cost-effectively. Alternatively, the hybrid slot can be use with a second micro-SIM card.

Camera phone review: The best photo smartphones compared

Camera: Far eastern standard fare


Two cameras one forward and the other back have become the befitting his repertoire in a Smartphone. The combination of 13 (front camera) and 5 mega pixels (rear camera), felt in any second mid-range phone found not to mention is. Also photos taken are therefore average. On the day, the snapshots are quite presentable, which on closer inspection of colours and details of sharpness is lacking. The missing sharpness is still the slightest problem when shooting with little or no light. Not to expect was, are very noisy images, Miss details.


Ulefone power: Price and availability


The Ulefone power is available in white and dark blue, there are the White Variant with wooden back. The plastic rear is not changeable, the decision must be made before the purchase. The decision where you eventually buy the Smartphone is still important. Officially, the power is not available, in this country, to get just about the usual China stores (Gearbest, Bangood or AliExpress). Currently (was: 21 July 2016) is to have sale for equivalent of 120 euros at Gearbest. To get around 23 euros on turnover tax on imports, additional customs fees do not fall below 150 euro value of goods. A purchase at Amazon.de is not advisable at the current retail price of 210 euros.

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