The Apple Stores Marks 13 Years by Connecting with Customers

This week 13 years of the opening of the first Apple Store the world in a shopping mall in Virginia, on the East coast of the United States. The exact date of this opening was on May 19, 2001. When it comes to Apple, everyone has an opinion about what should be done. Systematically, the Californian company takes the opposite to anyone who gives him advice. Wall Street, analysts and the media claim that Apple was wrong again and again. 

In the same line of mistake that has accompanied Apple always, this adventure in the retail distribution was qualified as error, something not far from commercial suicide. The retail industry experts and economic gurus They augured a closure of shops in a couple of years as much. In the now legendary article entitled “Sorry Steve, this is so the Apple Store will not work” written by Cliff Edwards to be the day after the inauguration, the author stated the following:

Instead of revealing a Mac Velveeta [something more common and affordable] Jobs believed that he can do a better job moving caviar dealers with much more experience than.

Apple was so wrong that it has finished taking over 400 stores worldwide, they attend more than one million customers a day and involve 10,000 million dollars in revenue for sales only in 2013. Such is the volume of sales per square meter that duplicate its immediate follower, known Tiffany’s jewelry. But beyond the good figures and the constant opening of stores around the world (Brazil and Turkey are the most recent), the function of the Apple Stores exceeds than usual in the retail sector.

The strategic role of the Apple Stores

This was a tour that prepared Jobs to journalists for the opening of the first store. According to him, stores where its products were sold were not prepared to do so in the best way. Translated into everyday language: were garbage. Therefore concentrated in reaching agreements with the own distributors to get exclusive spaces within their stores and dedicated staff. The Apple Stores are nothing more than the same idea carried to the end. The obsession with Apple control everything from start to finish You can see perfectly in these stores.

Therefore, these stores play an obvious role for many of us: present the products of Apple in a proper way and in all its glory. How many times have you approached to a computer or tablet of another brand in a mall and they weren’t even connected to the internet? In an Apple Store all Apple products are prepared and ready to use, browse, or open any program. In this way, a potential customer can get a better idea How are.

The second role played by these “embassies” Apple is also very important. Anyone working in the sector of distribution in supermarkets will tell you that he is a ruthless business. Chains strive to offer prices lower than its competitor and that You can only get it by tightening the nuts to its suppliers. Apple is not very of lowering its prices because Yes and no it makes you much grace which no one restricts you in this sense.

For this reason, the Apple Stores represent a valve that relieves the pressure that can exert a Distributor. Other companies have not forced to accept lower prices and more generous volume discounts, in the case of the company’s California stores are an asset that enhance their bargaining power.

However, not everything is perfect. Angela Ahrendts has just taken the reins of Apple Retail and It has many challenges which face, among them the conquest of China. We will see if the ex-CEO of Burberry gets boost tents and erase the stain left behind by Browett.