Samsung Sued Due to Bloatware

A Chinese consumer association has had enough of Samsung’s many pre-installed applications.Therefore hives the company in court.

Bloatware or crapware, is a common name for the preinstalled applications which are to be found on both smartphones and PCs. Some may be useful, while others just takes up space and work resources.

At Samsung’s smartphones, like many other manufacturers, however, neither of these programs can be disabled or uninstalled in a new mobile.

For consumers, this means, therefore, that an otherwise brand-new mobile get less free space and that several programs pulls resources in the background.

It is not earned by consumers, says a Shanghai-based forbrugeråd. The Association initiates a lawsuit against the South Korean mobile giant.

Over 40 crapware-apps

The aim of the procedure is explained by the President of the Council is Tao Aillian: “Action is our latest escalation to ensure consumer rights, after that other methods have failed.”

A study by the organisation points to a Galaxy Note 3 contains up to 44 preinstalled apps. Programs that were either impossible or difficult to uninstall.

The Chinese consumers ‘ Association is also the local producer Oppo into the spotlight, where one of the models are equipped with a whole pack of bloatware-47 applications.

In a statement, explaining that there is no Samsung received any complaint in writing yet. A spokesman for the South Korean company stresses, however that the document will be evaluated and followed by an appropriate response.