Samsung Galaxy Tab (A) 6.0: (A) for General [Test]

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab With A has cast a tablet scheduled for countries in Mr and Mrs. Denmark’s home.

Samsung tries it often with new product lines to mark the mood among consumers. The phone, the Samsung Galaxy, for example, was sent on the market Alpha to test how an aluminum frame took it out, rather than the unsatisfactory plastic construction.

This might as well be the case with the Samsung Galaxy Tab (A). The Korean tech giant is no newcomer on the tablet market, but has so far only produced Note-and Loss-series in 16:9 format, where the Galaxy Tab (A) comes in the iPad-like 4:3 format in both eight and 9.7 inch.

The rumor mill spinning with whispers of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and Loss A’eren are supposed to be Guinea pig for the new format.

Specifications for Samsung Galaxy Tab (A) 6.0

Goal: 242.5 x 166.8 x 7.5 mm, 450 grams
Screen: 1024 x 768 pixels “9.7 (132 PPI) TFT monitor
Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 1, 2 GHz Quad-core, 1.5 GB RAM (WiFi), 2 GB of RAM (LTE)
Camera: 5 megapixels, 720 p recording, 2MP front
Storage: 16 GB (WiFi), 32 GB (LTE) + micro SD up to 128 GB. + 100 GB Microsoft Onedrive.
Battery: 6000 mAh
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g
Software: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
Price: from 2100.0-kroner (16 GB)


Thin but heavy

Most of Samsung’s tablets and phones are molded into the plastic, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is no exception. Here it is a black glossy plastic that omsvøber the 9.7 “-sized tablet, and the rear is characterised by a hollow and dull sensation that is too sensitive to scratches.

Enough is loss (A) a thin cousin, but easy-to-handle is the No. When the weight 450 gram says, and the Tablet is characterised by being a tad toptung, action is good fat and fingers tire quickly. iPad Air 2 and Google Nexus 9 weighs nearly the same, but is distinguished both by being far more comfortable to use.

The actual construction of Loss (A) may be said to be nothing more than regular. The side-facing plastic buttons to control the sound, as well as to raise the screen, rutcher a clue in their cutting, but delivers a satisfactory pressure-feedback.

Rear one notices with sharpened focus, to Samsung as something new let its logo included in the back color, rather than the familiar silver colour to the letters. This could have been a large-scale actions, but ends up just making the Tablet, however, if possible, even more anonymous.

Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung maintains the two rear-Dutton, where a cover capable of being fixed, as seen on the Galaxy Tab’s.

The internal storage space depends on the Edition to obtain you where Wifi Edition has 16 GB and LTE series owns 32 GB which apps can romp on. Should this not be enough, can SD card tray come up for aid, and copes with up to 128 GB.

Do you have before been standing with a high-resolution tablet screen and just generally is a pixel person, you will be badly disappointed TFT-screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab (A).

Here you get nærrigt bestowed upon a resolution of 768 x 1024 pixels that corresponds to an image density of 132 PPI. You will therefore notice a touch of nostalgia, because it feels like several years ago we’ve seen a so blurred and unimpressive image, and you will see the screen from just a slightly oblique angle, darkened motives easily.

So do you see Iron Man switch suit or Optimus Prime in his transformation, you must omit all the fine details as films grow. Fortunately, you can get a fine detail from the bottom turned the speakers that do a surprisingly good job.

The lydgivende components ranks over the Mediterranean, and even at the highest volume of meetings you no hisses, but on the contrary an enjoyable sound.

The colors on the screen itself is, however, sensible without impressing. Despite the brightness can reach a level of the Mediterranean, this will not be the Tablet you can use outside in the summer sun.


Stable performance without surprises

In the belly of the anonymous black tablet computer based Qualcomm multiprocessor computers as seen in most Android devices.

This tablet contains Snapdragon 410-processor distributed on 4 cores, each of which swings the whip with a frequency of 1.2 Ghz. This doesn’t sound particularly impressive, seen in the light of recent performance chips, but in cooperation with the 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM, depending on your model, made there to deliver an approved performance.

When skipped around in open applications, going on the liquid but a tad slow.

With Android Lollipops many animations and transitions happens all the Visual seance in a number of frames per second and thus the liquid, which should be a matter of course, since the internal components do not have to work hard to push the few pixels around the screen.

In the Tab (A) Samsung has implemented its signature feature aimed at productivity, namely split screen.You can therefore have two applications running side-by-side, such as mail and browser, for example, and this works perfectly without any load on the CPU.

As well you will find Samsung’s own browser, where pages lets wait on it, but zooming and scrolling takes place liquid and fine.

Normally Apple masters at keeping their units from unnecessarily sippe for the precious power source, but here has the Samsung as done a good job. Despite that mails and news is pouring in, it is only a few percent of the battery you will lose overnight.

Loss (A) keeps battery over the Mediterranean and copes easily several hours of games and movie watching. You must give the Tablet life again, you must override the approx. 3 ½ hours when the battery must be from 0 to 100%.

Touchwiz-more and more simple

Samsung’s own Visual vision of Android, Touchwiz, has through the ages been forever reviled to pour the consumer with features and gimmicks. Samsung, however, has been listening to the world around him, and incrementally geared down there for unnecessary authority.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (A) are born with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, overlayed with the latest edition of the colourful Touchwiz.

By pulling the information-rich topgardin down, one sees a flatter and more manageable interface. Also goes only so far that the curtain is notifications. As a fresh breath, dominate the turquoise green combined with neongule details.

From here, you can quickly access settings such as screen rotation, Bluetooth, power saver, and more.

You are on the home screen, you can access Samsung’s news measures, which surprisingly still lives, by ironing on the right. Here you are taken to a flip chart-the magazine that informs you about the latest news.

This function has, however, on virtually any device, undtagetn Galaxy S6, minced and dated back to when processing – and the Tab (A) it is definitely no exception. Evoking happens with several second delay, and navigation is slow and therefore on the border of the useless – one Bull quickly to use the official Flipboard app.

As a bonus you get given 100 GB of storage in Microsoft’s lagringssky, Onedrive. This is extremely handy when movies and images must be accessible from anywhere.

When entering the machinery space “Settings” on Samsung devices, it has been a messy affair, but there is fortunately taken care of this. Instead of several menus that afflict thy face, are all features now in a vertical axis, where functions are grouped with one color each.

Samsung has cast an S-pen that can be purchased, and in interaction with the Office suite is available in the application format from birth, one gets the impression that Samsung would this tablet to be productive.

Enough is screen keyboard as Samsung even has created a pleasure to use, but this tablet should definitely not be used to note and work use. The monitor’s lack of sharpness just doesn’t lend itself to word processing without result in eyestrain.


Surprising optics

Camera on the Tablet’s has never been a priority, but they are there now even to memorialise moments and sights, and Samsung is good at it with the cameras.

Samsung’s camera interface has also received a simplification over time, and it is now only the most useful features that appear on the screen. Under “status” there is billedemuligheder for everyone, whether you want to have beautified face, whether you are filming the concert, watching sports, and more.

Just as is the Tablet quick to switch from the back to front shoots at 5 MP, to the front-facing camera of 2 MP.

For a tablet-camera you won’t be disappointed by Loss a. Auto focus is fast, and the images that come out on the other side is nice and colorful with a surprising detail. Despite the brightness scenario, managed Loss A’eren to capture the celestial blue color, without overexposing.

When to be filmed and captured moving images, is it in 720 p. The video portion also makes a good work with a prompt auto focusing and a satisfactory sound delivered by the microphone.


Loss A’eren – Loser

You, as the reader may have noticed the undersigned journalists lack of zest of Tab A, and it is correctly understood.

There are certain points where this family tablet hits the spot. Thanks to the low resolution you will experience long battery life and a camera that surprises, but more good is that, unfortunately, is not saying.

Samsung trying bravely to make Loss A’eren to an iPad-wannabe. The format is the same, and screen sizes are even a decimal from to be identical – the thing is just that there is nothing rational behind the purchase of this tablet.

Consumers will simply expect that they’ll get a decent iPad-competitor, and it will result in a serious disappointment.

The unimpressive and heavy construction is probably not in focus in Denmark, but in combination with the family screen from the past, to become a grimly disappointed with a price tag starting at 2100.0-crowns.

To the best of this tablet is the battery, most likely due to the scarce components, as well as 100 GB storage space in Onedrive, is slightly comical.

There are several alternatives that will give you better bang for their buck, as, for example, the slightly smaller iPad Mini 2 or Samsung’s previous tablet champion Galaxy Tab S 8.4, who both are thundering with engine power and sharp screens in 2200-2500,-kronersmærket.

Therefore, lands the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 on 3 out of 6 stars.