Samsung Galaxy Note 7-Übermobilen Is Back!

Samsung’s finest in mobile telephony, Galaxy Note, is back. takes a first look at the South Korean toptelefon.

The successor to the Galaxy as we know, was a Note 4 Note 5-but it never got any Danish debut. This year Samsung jumps a generation of-and presents the year Supreme topmobil: Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

As with the previous Note is Note 7, great models, but with the last year’s trend toward ever-larger screens towering Note 7 no longer over its competitors: 5.7 inch display is large, which places the Note 7 in the Centre square among phablets.

Note 7 ‘s settle, therefore no longer that it is larger than all others-the rates instead be finer and more competent than the other.

Now with curves

Where the former could be difficult to distinguish between the different Note-generations, there will now no longer be no doubt: Note 7 share Edgens futuristic design.

A front and back of the Gorilla Glass 5 crumbs now slightly down in an aluminum frame, which runs all the way around the smart phone. It is the same basic structure as in S6, S7 and Edge models, but for the first time is designed symmetrically, giving the same soft rounding on both front and back. Very nice all together.

The display stretches over 5.7 inch and 2560 * 1440 pixels-as it has done since Note 3 generation. But it is as the first smartphone ever, ready to run HDR content.

The overall design works now more compelling than ever. The screen is great, but the hypersmalle edges as the Edge technology allows making the phone only 73.6 mm wide 10 percent narrower than Note 3 with same size screen – something of a feat.

As in S7 and S7 Edge is lowered the camera, so it does not protrude so much out. On the front is a new camera emerged – an Iris scanner that reads the eye’s retina and provides a high level of biometric security. With this, your phone can be unlocked or to provide a single log
on websites – without you having to lift a finger (you can, however, continue to use the fingerprint reader).

At the bottom you will find a small hole, which saves on The defining feature: S pen.

S-pen is back

The companion, S-pen, of course, is back and it is now more pressure sensitive and accurate than ever.

As his mothership is water and dust proof, but the pen is slimmed down to fit in the narrower Note 7 Cabinet.

The actual pentipen is also shrunk, from 1.6 to 0.7 mm. It makes it increasingly behaves, and feels, like a pencil.

The whole is controlled through a simple app, against four former: Samsung Note. Here, as before, you can take notes, navigate between apps or draw loose.

The pen come with new features, it can now translate when you surf, and as something brilliant you can now take a note – even when the screen is turned off via the ‘ Always On ‘ technology. Your mobile is now a real Notepad and just as quick in use.

A S7’er behind the façade

You see aside from the external innovations and new features and instead look under the hood, you’ll find that not much has changed compared to the spring, moreover, excellent Galaxy S7-phones.

The processor is the same octa-core, 4 GB RAM and again you get the battery is with its 3,500 mAh slightly less than what you find in S7 Edge. Charging is done, however, through the new, reversible USB C port.

The software will also compare themselves with bidding on more rounded icons that you want to make the user interface more restful to the eyes. Your wallpaper is now also interactive, as it moves when you touch on the cell phone.

Only major, but always practical, upgrade is the built-in storage space, which now delivers 64 GB legroom for apps and games. With the opportunity to expand with a micro-SD card you will therefore hardly running out of space.

Coming next month

Samsung new note would therefore appear that it will impress on all fronts, but the price will also be then.

The debut price sounds on 6,699 Crowns when it lands in the Danish telecommunications businesses on 2. September.

Enthusiasts will be able to pre-order the phone already from the 16. August-and will be rewarded with Gear VR headset in the bargain.