OnePlus 2 Get the Whole 4 GB of Fast RAM

The upcoming OnePlus 2-top model, which will be launched about 3 weeks, will be equipped with the whole 4 GB of RAM of the quite rapid sort.

As planned, promises the last specification OnePlus now blurred for the top model, OnePlus 2, ahead of the launch on the 27th. July.

This time it topmodellens RAM or memory. The company’s founder, Pete Lau, in a forum thread can confirm that OnePlus comes with all 4 GB of RAM just as it was reported earlier. It’s 1 GB more than the current One, and therefore will be among the first on the market to OnePlus to introduce 4 GB RAM in a smartphone.

Taiwanese ASUS has with Zenfone 2 been first with such a smartphone, but it is slower and the so-called LPDDR3-type. OnePlus 2 get in addition to the many 4 GB the faster LPDDR4-type of RAM, which according to the founder ensures twice as fast speeds than LPDDR3.

RAM is an important component to ensure a good user experience of the smart phone. RAM handle short-term opbevaringer of data such as to keep the apps running in the background and be in charge of store data temporarily during, for example, slow motion videos. With this type of RAM and fast the whole 4 GB ones will be therefore hardly here, that restrictions be put with OnePlus 2.


Price less than 3,000 DKK

Prior to this last revelation could also revealthat OnePlus price will be under $ 450 similar to 3,060 crowns.The announcement came after there over a period of time was reports of a price in the region of $ 500 or 3,400 crowns.

With such a statement, it would be reasonable to guess at a price of $ 449, but, does it is unlikely to end.Before the launch of OnePlus One company came last year with a similar announcement.

Here it sounded: “with a price of under $ 500 that doesn’t mean $ 499. OnePlus One will certainly be available for less than $ 400. ” The price ended, as you know, at $ 299 for the cheapest version with 16 GB of storage and $ 349 for 64 GB of storage.

Therefore, there is good reason to believe that the upcoming OnePlus 2 will be in the region of $ 400 or 2,700 crowns. Speculation is many. By the virtual presentation of the phone on the 27th. July at 16:00 Danish time it will under all circumstances turn out.

OnePlus 2: The preliminary specifications

With the last announcement of the specifications on the top model looks, the provisional and official specifications, therefore, as follows:

  • RAM: 4 GB LPDDR4
  • Processor: 64-bit Snap dragon 430-810 version 2.1 with Adreno graphics chip
  • Other: Fingerprint reader faster than Apple TouchID
  • Connection: Reversible USB Type C connector
  • Price: Under $ 450