On Vacation? Send a Postcard with Your Phone [Tip]

Do you want to get rid of searching for beautiful postcards and related stamps, you can clear all directly via your phone.

I have repeatedly turned the same postcard racks on Mediterranean destinations, too desperate to find a label that reflects the happiest memories in the best way possible. When you get home, and then the receiver still has not received the greetings, Yes so is it fun like a little of it.

For this purpose the tradition-bound, argues that a postcard is just more personal, even though the image in no way reflects some familiar faces to the recipient. That is precisely why our site today will strike a blow for Post Danmark app “postcard” which can cope with a personal postcard directly from your phone.

Well, lets get started. Today, we show the process from an iPhone, but the app can also be downloaded to both Android and Windows Phone (link located at the bottom).

-When you start the app then you will on the iPhone would have to approve that “Post card” to use your current location. For this purpose you just press “OK”.

-You now have three buttons at the bottom. You can take a “new image” via the phone’s camera, or download “Pictures” from camera roll, as you have already taken. You can also select other “Motives” in Post Danmark archive.

-When we behave as if we are sitting under the distant climes, and has taken a lot of great pictures, so we press “Images” and then “Album”.

-When the image is selected, then you can go ahead with the adjustment.

-Press the front so you can add frames, filters or rotate the image. Exit on “OK”.

-On the back, you can “click here to enter a greeting” or “click in the address box to add recipients.”

-When you’re done with image editing and adding of greeting and address so you will exit on the “Send” button.

-As you can see, so it costs the entire just 19 USD, and so you must therefore not stir a finger.
-Approve “terms and conditions” and press the “pay and send”.

-Then you just follow the remaining instructions, as well as indtasnings of map information via Networks.Make EVS. to save your payment information in the app, so you don’t have to fumble with the dankort in summer heat.

The app “postcard” is available for download for iOS here, Android here , as well as Windows Phone here.