Official Is: Angela Ahrendts Now Is The New Vice President Senior Apple Retail

Tim Cook has already said that it could not pass this week: Finally, months after the announcement, Angela Ahrendts It has ceased to be CEO of Burberry and It goes officially as new head of Apple Retail and the company’s online stores. Thus both the Burberry website and Apple’s been reflected in sections showing the directive. Rumors of that delay at its entrance until the coming month are therefore automatically challenged.

Angela thus becomes the only woman who is part of the Board of Directors of Apple, answering direct orders from Tim Cook and managing two sections that never has had arranged meetings: the Apple Store website and the division of physical stores. He replaces John Browett, who was temporarily in charge of those stores until Tim decided to dismiss him for not fit well in the company.

Angela must demonstrate to Tim Cook has not wrong choosing it as happened with John Browett

In his day, Tim said that John was the best Executive to lead Apple Retail and had to eat his words after months. Angela is, clearly, avoid that Apple’s CEO has to go through the same situation. Your responsibility is continue with the expansion of Apple stores and maintain its reputation as a the most iconic chain of stores in the world.

Who knows… If we could see John Browett at the opening of the Apple Store of Passeig de Gràcia, perhaps to see Angela inaugurating the next Apple Store of the Puerta del Sol. Personally I only ask one thing: that version for iPad Apple Store app comes to Spain.