New Rate Movistar 6: 6 Cents/Minute and End of Week without Cost by 6 Euros

Little took you to Movistar his adventure with the 8 rate offered few advantages compared to its direct competitors as well that on June 6 it will launch the new Rate 6 as a kick off to a renewal of rates to be extended until September.

The new Rate 6 available in contract has a monthly fee of 6 euros + 3 euros minimum consumption that allows to talk Monday through Friday by 6 cents/minute (more establishment of call of 15 cents) while the weekend includes 250 free minutes to any national destination and without pay call set-up. Messages are kept in 15 cents/SMS and is compatible with saving modules.

New customers that hire it and to also give high at a rate data of 10 euro flat, can achieve 0 euros a smartphone to choose between Samsung Galaxy Ace, Blackberry 9300 and Nokia C6-01, terminals protagonists of the summer campaign.

As advantages over the rates that compete directly from Telstra, Vodafone and Orange, Movistar lowers the price of 8 to 6 cents per minute and includes free calls the weekend but as disadvantages does not apply discounts on SMS, it is not available on prepaid and has monthly fee in addition to minimum consumption.

We update the new Tarifa Movistar 6 in our comparison with prices per minute.