Movistar, Vodafone and Orange Confirmed More Investment to Improve Their Networks

Much these days is talking about the future of unlimited flat rates of mobile internet and the need for greater investment to ensure a good service in future so that the three operators have been quick to announce his intentions for the coming months and to calm possible concerns of users.

Movistar It is progressively increasing both the coverage and the capabilities of their networks providing already more than 91% in 3 G coverage and almost 90% at 3.5 G, bending speed your connection in any area to move from 3.6 to 7.2Mbps standard speed, 14.5 Mbps to the 21Mbps in other cities with higher density and 21 to the 42Mbps in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona although the intention is to go spreading this speed during 2011 to cities with more than 250 thousand inhabitants.

Vodafone It has already implemented these speeds in large cities, now bet also for small populations (total 3,100 populations of less than 1,000 inhabitants until March 2012) that implement a multitecnologica solution that supports 2G, 3G and 4G through any band immediately once approved the refarming.

Orange has given some data more information that you will invest a total of 500 million euros over two years to ensure the capacity of their networks and to replace more than 15,000 teams of mobile access by new multiRAN equipment prepared for technologies of third and fourth generation through any band, reaching a speed of up to 84Mbps short-term Although it has not qualified cities or specific date. In addition Orange implemented EDGE in areas with coverage 2G that allows to improve access to the internet to increase the maximum speed 384 Kbps (instead of the current 64 Kbps).