Movistar “Reinvents” The SMS to Adapt Them to The Communication Style Chat under Your New Service Tokes

Tokes It is the name with which Movistar has named a new service that will operate in a similar way chats type Blackberry Messenger but valid for any terminal compatible with JAVA with any other benefit.

The system is based on a mobile app that lets you send “ tokes ” even eight contacts on the agenda at the same time and that they will receive in application mode chat, SMS with a link so that you download the application if not you’ve got and so can see it and enjoy the service , or can also be configured to receive MMS.

The ‘tokes’ can be configured with melodies and different vibrations to make easier the identification of the contact who sent you the toke. The application also has a sort of predictive text input that helps write much faster

The “ best ” of all is that the customer operates under a transport based on SMS protocol for avoid the need to hire mobile internet. Function that can comfortably enjoy the users of global Idirizzi that include SMS Movistar, because if actually every toke is going to have to pay 15 cents, many will be a surprise on the invoice unless Movistar launch a particular bonus for this service.

It was necessary the “ reinvention ” SMS when the market tends to adopt mobile internet as something necessary to maintain a fluid and cheaper than the traditional SMS communication?