Movistar IVY, The Operator Committed to an Android 2.1 Smartphone for Everyone

A few days ago we forget phone to start calling the operator products directly under the Movistar brand, the first phone that will be sold in this new stage is the Movistar IVY. A terminal manufactured by Huawei It was created with the intention of getting a Smartphone Android all audiences.

Movistar IVY It will be available on the market on June 1 from zero euros, through the usual channels of the operator. Shall not be required to associate your purchase with a data rate, although it is more advisable taking into account the possibilities of this type of phones.

Movistar IVY, a first generation Android

With this I’m not saying to make it better or worse phone, but if you make it clear that to get in the market an affordable Smartphone, latest-generation components cannot be used. Even so we have a pretty decent chipset, we speak of the Qualcomm MSM7225 that have already been tested on the HTC Tattoo, Palm Pixi Plus, or on the next HTC Wildfire.

Following the specifications, we have a touch screen 2.8 inch and QVGA resolution, unfortunately, is made with resistive technology, But somewhere it should be cheaper to launch an affordable phone.

The camera, which has not been neglected with 3.2 megapixel camera, But unlike other affordable Android as the Tattoo, this time Yes has auto focus, a detail needed for Android applications. Nor have forget to incorporate an LED Flash.

In matter of connectivity, as it is already a requirement on all Android phones, we find ourselves with WiFi and GPS receiver, In addition to a USB, headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity. The phone has a slot for SD memory cards, and is It includes a 2 GB memory card.

For complete specifications, its dimensions are contained with 106 × 57 × 14 mm, with a weight of 105 grams. It will be available in two colors, black and white we see in images.

Android 2.1, updated almost to the last

Moving on to the operating system, is remarkable to find us with the presence of Eclair, more known as Android 2.1, with the advantages that this us reports in regard to the integration of Google services and applications, and access to the second largest app store in the market, in addition to Movistar MStore.

The user can access on major social networks, YouTube, Facebook or KETEK (Movistar social network) are preloaded in the Movistar IVY. Note to take advantage of the GPS receiver from the first day, we have included the application path Movistar.

You connect to the network by a euro per day, without tariff data flat

“Movistar allows us to choose the option of”pay per use”, which consists of paid only one euro each day that you want to connect to the Internet with the mobile phone, to avoid costs not expected, you can disable the service at the end of the day.

If you are already a client of Movistar, you can access points in a price range from 0 to 95 euros, depending in addition to rate data, 10 or 15 euros, and the rate of voice, 9 or 20 euros.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the story, the Movistar IVY It will be available for €0 for users of other operators and for them within Movistar pass prepaid to contract, as well as new high. I leave a few tables with all the possibilities:

Finally, we recommend that you take a look at what the other two big carriers offer, since they also have an Android phone of its own brand, Boston is the name of the bet of Orange, and Vodafone 845 is the Red operator phone.