Movistar Is Renewed with Some New Features

Begins a new stage in which the Telefónica brand disappears (only remain as institutional logo) and all its services are to be called Movistar (mobile, fixed telephony, ADSL and television) in a similar way as Vodafone and Orange encompass all these services under one brand.

Among the changes for the Mobile customers They emphasize that their toll free customer service (from fixed or mobile) becomes the 1004 for individuals and 900 10 10 10 for professionals so now we can go forgetting 609 or the 1485 who will no longer be available in the coming days. The products will remain as usual although their trade names will be modified to adapt to the new stage as shown in the image:

Channel client also changes its name and becomes”My Movistar”similar to as many other operators call the section where customers can manage online services associated with its lines”.

In addition section has been enabled on the renewed website, “And you call it how?” where Movistar will resolve our doubts through different means: questions and answers about different usual consultations to their experts they have already answered, Forum where everyone can participate and Twitter that had long existed but that remained inactive. Regarding the Twitter of Movistar, on their first official day has had enough activity and we hope that it does not decay as opposed to what happened with the Twitter of Orange who disappeared within weeks of release (Vodafone also has a profile if you want to follow him).

Integration as a service provider in a single brand will be part of the strategy of Movistar although clients they will continue to receive invoices separately (fixed on the one hand and moving on the other). The other important pillar of the new brand will focus on the customer satisfaction Although at the moment, only promotion that appears on its website is aimed at the acquisition of new customers that can send up to 100 free SMS per day to other Movistar between 8 am and 8 pm. Thanks to Megabono day which will be free until 17 January 2011 if you are hired the Plural tariff or a 19.90 or 29.90 euros during may whacked.

Do you think the change? They have been successful with rename all as Movistar or should have chosen Telefónica as a single brand?