Movistar Changed Conditions in Tariff Basic IPhone Mini Online and

We are in full summer campaign and while we wait for Movistar and Orange showing their promotions of calls, the truth is that few more surprises in rates are expected now until after summer by what seems to be the response of Movistar two specific rates is reduced to some changes before the new rates for Vodafone smartphones.

Movistar reports: If exceeds 200 monthly franchise Mb of your flat rate iPhone speed will reduce to 64 Kbps (down) / 16 Kbps (upload)

This is the message that have begun to receive the users of a iPhone Movistar to inform about the new speed reduction to be applied to overcome the traffic included in the basic price of the iPhone (15 euros/month) from the current 128 Kbps to 64 Kbps and distancing himself from the hoped-for improvement.

The rest of rates for iPhone (25 and 39 euros/month) will not suffer any modification and moment will continue to maintain the speed reduced to 128 Kbps if exceed the included traffic.

Something unexpected movement when the trend is increasingly less limitations exist in the new data rates that are occurring and, unless the Spanish operators, ensure that their networks are prepared for increased traffic posed by smartphones. Maybe that completely unlimited mobile internet is not sustainable but of course I do not agree that more restrictions should apply to the end user as it has happened in other countries rather than investing more in their networks to provide more and better service and avoid it to saturate.

Update: Finally Movistar apologizes and says that everything has been a mistake for what speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps.

But not everything is bad news, as Movistar also changes the conditions of its Mini Internet Flatrate for computer that although upload fee monthly 19 euro/month (four euros more than so far), continuous allowing traffic unlimited and now includes 500 MB/month (before 200MB) maximum 7Mbps speed and the rest improves with speed limited to 128 Kbps (instead of 64 Kbps and up to now). In addition, remember that the monthly fee of this rate will be reduced to 50% if you have ADSL Movistar.

Thus Movistar equals the price competition more aggressive bids that offer 1GB to the maximum speed and the rest to 64 Kbps in Orange, 500MB for the same fee but with reduction 384 Kbps and 350 free SMS in Vodafone or traffic and unlimited speed for two hours a day with Vodafone.