Mobile Tuenti Is Already Underway. The OMV Begins as The Social Network: by Invitation

It’s official and has been underway for just a few hours. Telefónica and Tuenti have launched mobile Tuenti, the virtual network operator of the largest social network in Spain. The MVNO is in its pilot phase and It will grow through invitations Tuenti users.

Tuenti mobile lines will have coverage Movistar and will not be linked to a commitment to stay or minimum consumption. The rates will be reduced; without mentioning regarding the other MVNO’s, but with the added value of the Tuenti free chat service. Invoicing and any line management can be made from the Tuenti profile: consumption, calls, charges, bond…

Mobile Tuenti: “idirizzi” and free chat service

The rates of the operator are the same as we anticipate a month ago. They are in the line from the rest of rates low cost of the market. In particular, calls and SMS from mobile to mobile Tuenti Tuenti will cost us 4 cents per minute or per message respectively, and 8 cents the rest of the operators. The establishment of call is charged at 15 cents.

As regards data rates, the options are: 1 euro for 15 MB to navigate a day, or 3 euros per 50 MB to navigate a week. In addition, as mentioned earlier, it will be accessible to the chat of Tuenti free and unlimited, with the condition to make a recharge of balance of 5 euros each month. It would be an instant messaging service comparable to what offers Blackberry Messenger.

In addition to the normal rates, customers may benefit from offers promociononales, or “Idirizzi”, It will allow calls and free SMS to five preset numbers any day and hour, and free – albeit limited – to all pages of, either from the phone’s browser or from native applications. The “Idirizzi” will be charged per modalities:

  • 250 calls/SMS within 7 days for 3 euros + 50 MB of data in Tuenti
  • 500 calls/SMS within 14 days by 4.5 euros + 100 MB of data on Tuenti
  • 1000 calls/SMS in 30 days for 9 euros + 200 MB of data in Tuenti

Tuenti notifications are received free mobile tuenti. They are called TuentiSMS. In addition, each recharged balance issue 5 euro with 50 free TuentiSMS to spend 30 days .

The roaming rates They consist of European calls to 39 cents per minute, SMS receiving calls to 15 cents in Western Europe and 11 cents or 1.75 euros in the rest of the world. They require prior activation.

To use mobile Tuenti will require an invitation to service, a free phone and a SIM card provided by Tuenti.

A look at management panel

The register mobile tuenti, the user has access to the information of your line in your profile of Accessed navigating menus “My account” > “Mobile Tuenti” > “Start”. This control panel centralizes all the possible efforts of our number.

For example, since the social network the user can find out their rates and plans, and change them. Learn about the balance or reload it, retrieve the PUK number, duplicate card… Tuenti has also put its customers in a technical service through chat.

Another option to highlight is the voice mailbox, that integrates with the private network messages. I.e., the user can listen to your voice messages both from mobile