Mobile Phone Contracts With Short-Duration: Often More Attractive Than Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans offer the great advantage not to be bound to a contract with the user. The customer can at any time decide to charge no more credits and to abandon his provider from now on equal. He’s absolutely unattached. For this freedom he pays it but also something more was in contract for every single minute or all-inclusive packages that provide a specific quota for a one-time amount of minutes, SMS or megabytes.

More volume, same basic fee

That the low-cost provider Yes mobile and Penny Mobil now the inclusive volume for their collective smart increase by 400 to 750 megabytes, makes them with the best providers in the prepaid sector. Because there are also 300 calling minutes for 7.99 Euro per 30 days. Also, customers now surfing with maximum 14 instead of previously 7 megabits per second (mbit / s) through the mobile Internet.

Mobile phone contracts with one-month maturity

Providers who offer contracts with a minimum term of just one month, however, are even cheaper. They form more or less a reasonable compromise between the freedom of prepaid and the low cost of a contract with two years maturity. Because the customer can cancel monthly, so no longer tied.

So offers for example the collective LTE mini SMS 1 GB by maxxim an inclusive volume of 1 gigabyte and an SMS-flat. However, each minute costs 15 cents. For the monthly fee of effective 6.41 euros is extremely low.

Allnet flat and 2 gigabytes for under 10 euros

LTE is only marginally more expensive all 2 GB of winsim for 9.20 euro per month. There is not only a flat-rate for calls and SMS, but even lush 2 gigabyte inclusive volume. Here, too, the minimum contract period is only 1 month. And mobile as opposed to sale of Yes and Penny Mobil use maxxim and winsim the LTE network in this case by O2. So surf customers with up to 50 mbit / s through the Internet.

Prepaid contract: best mobile phone tariffs for absolute little users

Short term with problems

Despite the short minimum term customers Unlike prepaid plans must be aware, that the basic fee each month is due, as long as they do not cancel even if the services are not used. In addition, it is critical that the notice period of 30 days is. You can so not quite as short term out of the contract, such as prepaid products.