Google Maps: Offline Mode And Traffic Delays

The Android app of the map service of Google Maps gets two new functions: limit the data traffic via the mobile phone network to a minimum with offline and save power. There’s also notifications soon on request if trains or buses running late in urban transport. The new features are available to only a few users currently in test mode. When they appear for all Android devices and whether there are features in ios, is still unclear.


Offline maps in Google maps is there already. You can save advance these snippets in the Wi-Fi on your device, so they go not download over the mobile data network. In the new mode only Wi-Fi, which soon can turn on a switch in the settings, limited Google maps to display these maps, as long as you have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Warns when first using the function, that however small amounts of data through the mobile line transferred to, but significantly lower than in the normal operation.

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Expired alert

If you often are traveling by bus and train, the second new feature could be useful: a line important for you, too late are maps decision in future. You choose the corresponding traffic lines. So far that didn’t work according to the user message in the test mode yet. The completion of the functionality could have therefore still something to wait for.

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